Family Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Flight Because Their 2-Year-Old Child Who Was Eating, Wasn’t Wearing a Mask *Updated* (VIDEO)

This is REALLY stupid. Despite the abusive steward, the family WAS finally allowed back on the plane.

Spirit Airlines kicked a family off of a flight from Orlando to New York on Monday because their 2-year-old child was not wearing a mask… while she was eating.

The child was eating.

The flight attendant told the parents they weren’t complying with the mask policy and told them they had to pick up their belongings and deplane.

Other travelers sitting near the family defended them, but the flight attendant would not back down.

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The mother, who is 7 months pregnant, told the flight attendant that her child just turned two one month ago.


The parents were also traveling with a special needs son who is prone to seizures.

According to a report, the entire flight was deplaned.

Part two of the video:

Spirit Airlines let everyone back onto the plane except for the abusive flight attendant responsible for forcing everyone to deplane. One of the employees from Spirit Airlines told Gateway Pundit that the remaining crew and pilot stood up with the family. The company removed the flight attendant from duty, and allowed everyone to continue to NY, including the young family.

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