Deep State (Obama) May Get Its War With Russia

Oh, terrific…and how Obummer hated Putin, because Putin knew about Michael and his homosexuality…I have heard more than one modern “prophet” say that it will be Obummer that will start WWIII…

Let’s make some things very clear from the outset – Barack Obama was very weak on Russia and allowed the Kremlin to take over strategic parts of Ukraine, and deploy an expeditionary force in Syria which propped up the Assad government, preventing its collapse. Obama’s famous ‘red line’ was not so red, but in reality a little pink.

Trump, on the other hand, was vastly different in his response to Vladimir Putin. The Trump administration launched missiles into Syria multiple times, killed hundreds of Russia mercenaries in Syria with American airpower (still not talked about in the corporate media), sanctioned and stopped the Nord Stream II pipeline from Russia to Germany to feed Merkel’s gas addiction after she ‘greened’ Germany and removed nuclear power, and forced NATO to spend hundreds of additional billions in military spending. Oh, and Trump also armed Ukraine, which Obama refused to do.

Despite his theatrical stares, Obama was weak on Putin. However, Obama did like to make fun of Vlad in the national press, hardly a responsible thing for an American president to say to a man who controls the largest nuclear force in the world, but that’s for another article.

In short, Obama hated Putin. We don’t know quite why that is.

It could be the Deep State hates Russia’s refusal to go ‘woke’ and the Kremlin’s gay propaganda law, which prevents the instruction of the homosexual lifestyle to minors. It could be because the Cold Warriors who remain have old Soviet grudges to settle. It could be because Russia is just an easy ‘bad guy’.

The Deep State has blamed everything on the Kremlin, and ignored the existential elephant threat in the room to America’s existence – the Chinese Communist Party. We are not saying the Kremlin is angelic, quite the opposite. However, Russia is simply not currently a threat to America’s existence. China definitely is, as we have witnessed by the recent coup where Beijing committed cyber acts of war.

Russia is a dangerous adversary, but you can sometimes work with dangerous adversaries. You can’t work with those who want to destroy you at all costs – like the CCP. President Trump found that out the hard way.

Let’s also admit another inconvenient (or convenient depending on your point of view) truth about Joe Biden – he doesn’t even know where he is, and is not running The White House. So who is? We think it is Barack Obama.

Even the corporate media is starting to catch on that Obama is running the show. We are experiencing Obama’s third term, and boy does he has some scores to settle.

This is not an article about Vladimir Putin, or his character, or the actions of his security services. This is an article about the American presidency, or our current lack of one.

Let’s talk about another historical truth – weakness in the face of dangerous adversaries is hardly a plan for peace. On the contrary, it ALWAYS leads to war.

America is now very weak. We have no adult leadership. Our current illegimitimate administration cares more about putting men in girl’s bathrooms than protecting our national security or our interests around the world. If there is one thing Obama hates more than Putin – it’s the United States of America. God Damn America! Open the borders, let the criminals in by the millions! Debase our currency! Let our adversaries walk all over us! We’d be better off under China anyway than letting those damn Deplorables run things!

Meanwhile, away from the clown show which is the Biden White House, and despite all his harsh actions against the Russia Federation, President Trump wanted peace, wanted to find a way to peacefully coexists with the Kremlin. Trump said it multiple times in public.

But our current overlords want otherwise. They want war. They want military spending. They want to expand NATO to Moscow’s borders – simple insanity, and a pretext for war.

They may get just that as Russian builds up forces on the Ukrainian border, China rattles its sabres against Taiwan, and Iran feeds of Obama’s weakness for the Mullahs and pushes for a nuclear device to attack The Jewish State.

Yes, Joe Biden, we too miss President Trump.

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