Putin Declares West Losing Its Moral Authority To Russia In National Address

He is right. America has become so perverse, so evil, we have absolutely no right any more to tell others what is right or wrong. America will be judged by the Almighty!

In his annual national address to the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin declared Russia will always uphold its spiritual and moral values, in comparison with the West.

Putin also said stronger action needs to be taken in support of Russia’s ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law.

“And today, family, friendship, mutual assistance, and compassion have come to the fore for us. Spiritual and moral values, which some countries are forgetting about, have, on the contrary, made us stronger, and we will always uphold and protect these values,” Putin pledged, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

He noted that, during the pandemic, the solidarity of Russia’s residents had manifested itself in specific deeds, such as taking care of loved ones, and people’s willingness to help those in need. Millions of people became volunteers, and the We Are Together national campaign has brought together individuals from all walks of life, the Russian president noted.

Putin added that the service of representatives of traditional religions had become “the spiritual backbone of society, as it always was in difficult times.” That said, the head of state addressed the clergy present in the hall, “I would like to take a deep bow before you all. Thank you very much.”

Putin also called for public ‘control’ against propaganda promoting non-traditional sexual relations.

“If there is a reason to believe that it is propaganda of the values non-traditional for us, the public organizations, which share the official stance of Russia’s authorities enshrined in the constitution and our legislation, should build up public control accordingly — but not aggressively, that is the most important thing,” the president said at a video conference with the working group that drafted amendments to the Russian constitution.

“For example, beautiful rainbow billboards are put up with beautiful words, and it looks inconspicuous. Or ice cream named Rainbow is advertised and so on,” Lakhova listed. According to her, “that implicitly makes [Russian children] get used to” the rainbow flag of LGBT community.

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