Do You Have Information About Ritual Abuse?

From David Sorensen, the author of

As I mentioned earlier, I am working on an in depth report that reveals massive evidence for the worst evil in this world:

ritual abuse and murder of countless children, by high profile people in this world: politicians, royalty, the wealthy and powerful, etc.

For my report I am looking for reliable testimonies and evidence. If you know good sources, please send them to me:

Please pray for me, as this evil is the very lifeblood of the cabal, the worldwide network of the most wicked beings in the world. The abuse and murder of children, is what gives them the spiritual power to do what they do.

Once this is exposed and judged by the Most High – which is happening as I write this – then humanity will be delivered as never before.

The single most powerful weapon of the wicked elites is the BLIND TRUST of the masses in them. Humanity is being taught to TRUST those in authority, in media, science, government, religion, etc. That allows them to have full control over the world. People blindly follow the worst monsters in existence.

When it is exposed that these authorities are virtually ALL involved in the worst horrors on the face of the earth, this will shatter the chains of control and manipulation over the world.

The people will wake up as never before, and they will UNITE against this great evil.

That’s why exposing this horror, is key to the deliverance of the world. So again: if you know about powerful, true testimonies, evidence, information, send me an email.

Because this is a massive spiritual stronghold, I ask once more for your continued and powerful prayers.

Rise up in your authority and declare unprecedented judgment over this evil, and those who are complicit.

Declare total exposure of this hidden evil, and declare the tearing down of their power structures, in the name of the King above all, Jesus Christ.

May this evil be exposed as never before, and may the world wake up from its hypnotic sleep that humanity was put in by those who rule the world, through media mind control, government oppression, false science, indoctrinating education, oppressive religion and satanic whitcraft.

May light shine, may truth explode and may a storm of deliverance come over the world.

In Jesus’ name,

David Sorensen

PS: you can see the current Dutch report here:

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