What? After REFUSING to Address Historic Fraud in 2020 Election and Stabbing Trump in the Back – Turncoat Mike Pence Is Now Lecturing on Election Integrity

Oh, Benedict Pence has effing nerve, doesn’t he? What a terrible hypocrite he turned out to be. May the Lord have mercy on his lying, dying soul.

By Jim Hoft for The Gateway Pundit

After his actions in January, we now know that Vice President Mike Pence has no problem betraying his President, and the millions of Americans who voted for him by certifying an illegitimate election soaked with fraud. 

Promoting criminal and unconstitutional actions somehow doesn’t seem Christian to us.

Vice President Mike Pence released a statement ahead of the certification of the Electoral College.

Pence rebuffed President Trump’s call to reject Biden’s electors.

President Trump during his speech in DC on January 6th repeatedly called on Vice President Mike Pence to do his duty and defer the certification of Biden votes in contested states back to the state legislatures.

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Pence folded like a lawn chair.

Mike Pence would not even allow a review of the election irregularities and questionable results in several swing states.  He was too weak to act.

Now Mike Pence is back and is lecturing about election integrity.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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