Watch: Ted Cruz Absolutely Eviscerates Democrat Attempt to Take Over the Voting System

Not a huge fan of senator Cruz, but he really nails this one…

The border crisis may have taken a front and center position in our current political debate, but the Democrat attempt to take over the entire voting system at the federal level continues apace. The Orwellian named “For the People Act” is basically an attempt to codify and mandate a bunch of voting aspects the left believe benefit them. Their goal is to simply turn the country into a one-party system.

Ted Cruz took on H.R. 1 in a recent hearing. The result was a total evisceration.

Cruz calls the bill a “brazen and shameless power grab,” noting that it would promote widespread voter fraud. It includes automatic voter registration for essentially anyone who has ever interacted with the government. That would naturally include a lot of illegal immigrants who have driver’s licenses, and without strong verification in place, which H.R. 1 doesn’t have, there’d be nothing to stop them from voting.

Worse, as Cruz points out, even though it would still be technically illegal for an illegal immigrant to vote, H.R. 1 expressly removes any liability for doing so. In other words, you can vote illegally with no repercussions. The bill also strikes down all laws at the state level that prevent felons from voting. That’s another attempt by Democrats to stack the deck with voters they perceive would favor them.

Other terrible aspects include the striking down of voter ID laws, which exist in 29 states right now. Ballot harvesting, which has completely tainted states like California, would also be made universal across the country. Cruz uses the example of a political operative going into a nursing home and harvesting ballots only from those who voted for Democrats. There’s no supervision in that case, and unwanted ballots could just be thrown out after collection.

Cruz ends by calling it the “corrupt politicians act” because the goal is to keep corrupt politicians in power. That should be obvious to anyone thinking critically about what all of these federal mandates would mean. Democrats like to spin it as stopping the “restricting of voting,” but their definition of such is basically that any vote they think will benefit them should be counted regardless of its legality. They are also seeking to give machine politics, i.e. ballot harvesting, a dominant role in deciding elections.

This bill can’t be allowed to pass. Joe Manchin has signaled he won’t bust the filibuster for this. If he does, the consequences will be dire, the least of which will be the end of his political career.

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