The Yield Curve Knows Joe Biden Is An Illegitimate Communist Plant Bent On Destroying America

Fascinating from strictly a financial point of view…pay attention, America!!

The Yield Curve Knows Joe Biden Is An Illegitimate Communist Plant Bent On Destroying America
US 10 year bond yield

Interest rates are spiking all along the yield curve. This morning the U.S.10 year bond is above 1.6%. Financial markets are fluctuating, unsure of where the future leads. Traders are positioning, some believe the market moves higher as we recover from the lockdowns, others believe the Federal Reserve bank of the United States, along with Congress, are committing hari-kari for you and me.

Lucky us.

Individual investors are left wondering where to put their money. Well, let me mansplain something for you.

America is now almost $30 trillion in debt and growing. This is an astronomical figure, and clearly not sustainable. Fiscal ‘policy’ (we use that term lightly) and monetary ‘policy’ are no longer connected to reality. There is a simple reason for this — they are not meant to be. Conserving the value of the US dollar, and preserving economic might for our children went out the window a long time ago.

Now, the goal is simply to destroy America. Beijing Biden (or should we say Barack Hussein) are moving as fast as they can to destroy the nation, make her insolvent.

You see, this is what communists do, and what communist plants in The White House do.

No one believes the Biden administration is legitimate. No, they are the ultimate Manchurian politicians (quite literally, working for the Chinese Communist Party). All you have to do is read Hunter’s laptop from Hell to figure that out. Remember, 10% goes to the ‘Big Guy’!

The Fed has been involved in our bond market for years, as an active participant. They have been buying bonds to keep U.S. interest rates low. The US cannot service its staggering debt if they are allowed to rise.

There is an old saying on Wall Street — interest rates are low until they’re not.

At some point, the Fed will lose control of the yield curve. The bond market will take back control. Before all this Fed interference, there was a term used frequently — bond vigilantes. The market would force higher interest rates for bad policy.

Now it’s only a matter of time.

So what if interest rates rise, you say? How does what happens on Wall Street effect me in Topeka? Well, interest rates are the cost of borrowing money. Do you have a business that needs capital? Do you want to buy a car? Do you have a variable rate mortgage, or want to get a mortgage? It will cost you A LOT more money, and may price you out of the transaction.

This means less economic transactions, less tax revenue to Uncle Barack, and less ability to even service the debt.

Every one percent rise in US interest rates equals hundreds of billions of dollars of debt service cost for the Federal government. If rates rise significantly, we become insolvent. Now you know why Hussein doubled the debt during his time in office, adding more than all other administrations combined.

An interest rate shock (and it’s coming) will wreak havoc on the economy. It will destroy equity prices.

Many of our readers are too young to remember the ‘misery index’ under President Jimmy Carter, where mortgage rates were 20%. Biden is Carter on steroids.

The average yield of the U.S. 10 year bond historically has been around 5%. We are at 1.6%. Just to get us back to normal will make the nation insolvent.

And, don’t forget who owns a few trillion of our debt – yes, the Chinese Communist Party. What would happen if they sold all those bonds at once? Yes, you guessed it, interest rates would spike and possibly drive a stake through the heart of America.

The bond market knows all this of course. The market knows Biden (Obama, Kamala, Rice) have no desire to save the country. Quite the opposite.

This is why yields are spiking, and will continue to move higher.

The market knows.

The only silver lining is that it’s darkest before dawn. Americans will be forced to become really ‘woke’ to what is going on.

There is still time to save the nation, but we need a legitimately-elected president who will do what’s right for the country, not sell us out to the Chicoms.

Do you miss Trump yet?

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