Reports Show Two Senators Said They Would Not Vote For Biden’s White Candidates Unless They Are LGBTQ

Do we really want sh*theads like these two involved in American leadership? How much more racist/sexist can one be in one’s behavior to be tolerated? In my mind, out they go!

by Kari Donovan for DJHJ Media

According to reports, two US Senators have announced they will not consider voting for any White candidate, brought by Democrat Joe Biden, who doesn’t identify as LGBTQ.

“Democrats Senators Tammy Duckworth (IL) and Mazie Hirono (HI) say they will vote against all Biden nominees who are not “racial minorities,” They say they will only vote for a white nominee if the nominee is LGBTQ,” Breaking 911 posted on Twitter.

One poster responded that Duckworth’s and Hirono’s statement needed clarification based on a far-left news report, that Hirono will only vote for someone who represents “diversity”, leaving the door open to exactly what she intends:


This happens at the same time the American culture is being forced to embrace new, and severely racist policies in Schools and in business, against White students and families unless they are in the protected class of LGBTQ. So the concern is legitimate.

Chad Pergram, a reporter for Fox News, posted about the matter, clarifying that Duckworth will not vote for anyone who is White and not LGBTQ, and that is a direct punishment she intends for Biden, with whom she is very angry.

He continues:
B) Duckworth: Says the “trigger” was being told by WH “Well you have Kamala, we’re not going to put any more African Americans in the Cabinet because you have Kamala.” Says that was “insulting.”

Kaitlyn Collins, of far-left CNN posted Biden’s response:

“Asked about concerns raised by Sen. Hirono and Sen. Duckworth on his Cabinet, President Biden tells reporters, “We have the most diverse Cabinet in history. We have a lot of Asian-Americans who are in the Cabinet and sub-Cabinet levels. Our Cabinet is formed.”

In a shocking admission of racism and sexism, using their power and authority to discriminate against US citizens, Glenn Greenwald, an investigative journalist reported,  “The two Senators “have pledged to vote no on any White House nominees who aren’t diverse candidates.” “I’m happy to vote for a Hispanic, a Black person, an LGBTQ person, an AAPI person.”–@maziehirono”

Far Left-leaning National Public Radio wrote about their personal point of view:

Sen. Tammy Duckworth and the White House broke an impasse over the Illinois Democrat’s pledge to block President Biden’s nominees who aren’t diverse candidates as a protest over a lack of Asian American representation in the new administration.

Under their deal announced late Tuesday, the White House will add a senior liaison to the community and, in exchange, Duckworth will support Biden’s nominees.

“Senator Duckworth appreciates the Biden administration’s assurances that it will do much more to elevate AAPI voices and perspectives at the highest levels of government, including appointing an AAPI senior White House official to represent the community, secure the confirmation of AAPI appointments and advance policy proposals that are relevant and important to the community,” Ben Gash Garmisa, a Duckworth spokesman, said in a statement. “Accordingly, she will not stand in the way of President Biden’s qualified nominees—which will include more AAPI leaders.”

The about-face came after Duckworth and fellow Democrat Mazie Hirono of Hawaii pledged to vote no on any White House nominees who aren’t diverse candidates. Hirono said late Tuesday she too changed her position.


Hirono may have changed her position, however, it is unclear if she will pay any consequences for abusing her power with her admitted sexism and racism. Duckworth apparently intends to hold her line that White people ‘need not apply’.

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