Putin’s Former Chief Of Staff Calls Trump A Champion Against New World Order

Here’s a bit of a surprise, though it is indeed true…the alleged source of the comment is startling…if true, the Russians see it too…

by CD Media Staff


Sergey Ivanov, Vladimir Putin’s former chief of staff, currently on the Russian Federation Security Council, has weighed in on the “historical scale of the personality and achievements of President Donald Trump” in an op-ed for Eurasia Daily.  I have changed not a word of what he has to say.  In his national ideology, Putin warns repeatedly of the dangers from the “Transnationalists” (Proekt Rossiya [Project Russia], EKSMO Press, 2014).  The Russians are joined by the British with their Brexit and the French with their Front National led by populist Marine Le Pen.  Populism actually straddles the Atlantic, and Donald Trump is regarded as its hero.  

As Ivanov observes, if Joe Biden, the American Deep State, and the world global elites have called Donald Trump the “worst president in U.S. history,” well, it is because they know best who is the worst — for them.

In contrast, those on the Russian side of the world itself correctly see Donald Trump as perhaps the best president in the history of the United States, a “modern George Washington.”  As Ivanov explains, if the first president of America fought to lay the foundation of the nation and state, the beginning of American freedom, then Trump fought, still fights to preserve the legacy of the founding fathers, to defend freedom, so that in the end, he will not come to be the last truly elected president of the United States.  He, like Washington, is of the flesh of his people, 100% American, a classic self-made man, a living embodiment of the American dream.  Trump is a successful entrepreneur, a man of action, and a man of his word.  He built up America all his life and became its true national leader…

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