Meet Joe Biden, America’s first Idiocracy President

No kidding…good name for what we have…BLMs are idiots, Antifas are idiots, Biden is of course, and so many others in government, entertainment, and elsewhere…

By A.C. Smith

The 2006 movie, Idiocracy depicted a comically exaggerated American Dystopia.  Anything resembling reason and logic had all but been abandoned.  Over the decades the fundamentals had taken such a nosedive that farmers were watering their crops with Gatorade instead of water and people started picking up advanced degrees from Costco. 

It was great fun, but I had not given it much thought until a few weeks ago.  It has become apparent in the last few months that logic itself has been ‘cancelled’.  Rational thought is what keeps such Idiocracies at bay — short-circuiting anything that has gone too far outside of the prescribed limits.  But logic and rational thought really had hindered the agenda of the radical left for a long time, poking its nose into affairs without being asked, screaming out in defiance at the worst moments. 

It turns out with the help of Big Corp, Big Tech and the Democrats, logic is not even needed anymore.  That terrible ‘barrier to entry’ to so many initiatives has been removed. The tyranny of practicality, logic and thoughtful debate is finally over for the Oligarchs.  With this groundwork laid down, America as Idiocracy can now thrive.

As the transition from Biden to Trump was underway — admittedly, it happened in a nebulous way never enjoying a feel good ‘kickoff’ event — there were concerns about Trump getting security briefings after he left office.  Biden opined that he was too erratic to be trusted with this information.  This was notable because it had not been done before.  Whether it came out of genuine concern, spite or both, the official reason was the concern for national security. Read More

Securing the borders of the U.S. certainly represents national security.  Biden took office and promptly opened the borders with the revived ‘Catch and Release’ policy for asylum seekers crossing the Mexican-US border.  He left stretches of the wall that were nearly completed as they were — these stretches of walls with large gaping, unfinished sections serving now as some sort of state-approved Idiocracy art — enormous walls that could not keep out a three-legged turtle. 

Since logic was not necessary after the storm that brought Biden into office and both houses of Congress under Democrats’ control, it was ok to just do this without any concern for the implications.  When Biden succeeds, he is great, when he fails, he is even greater!  Failure is the gift that keeps giving — providing endless opportunities to making even worse ideas trying to 

fix the initial bad ideas.  This lets Biden continue to show his box-checking — or rather, ‘leadership’ abilities.

Now we watch in disbelief as one idiotic thing after another become new standards, rules, conventions and gasp — even laws.  Idiocy is becoming  as necessary as logic used to be.  In the great debates and efforts of the day to grapple with the nation’s greatest problems, logic need not apply, in fact logic is probably ‘racist’ in the new Idiocracy.  Absurdity is fine when your heart is in the right place. 

Speaking of absurdity, the most powerful nation on Earth has a leader who more and more — if he’s not saying it outright — has a searching, joyless expression that seems to ask “Where am I?  What am I supposed to be doing here?”  This is absurdity, but in an Idiocracy absurdity is ok.  When Biden does say these things outright like “Whatever you want me to do” to Nancy ‘Nance’ Pelosi, no one except for conservative news outlets expresses how bad this is for the leader of the free world to signal that he is not actually in charge.  No one elected Nancy Pelosi to the presidency the last time I checked. 

The mainstream media has been praising nearly everything he does, but he is not doing anything, and everyone is pretending that this doesn’t matter.  Sometimes, though, with all of the political props being shifted around, with all the raising and dropping of the curtains, with all of the hustle to do the most damage in the shortest amount of time, we catch a glimpse of what is really going on. 

There was an initiative from Democrats in Congress for Biden to give up the nuclear codes so that he would not be the only one who has them.  Was this ever done when Trump was president? Or Obama?  It seems to be the ultimate vote of no confidence from his own party. Yet, this issue seemed to come and go without anyone agonizing about it much. 

Foreign leaders surely are taking note.  Maybe they can even determine what those codes are if Biden loses track of that piece of paper he is using to help remember pesky details like the reason he is at a particular event or the name of a major appointee to his cabinet or a branch of government.  No worries, we have full confidence in Scranton Joe!  We would just have even more confidence if he doesn’t have sole possession of the codes. 

With policy coming from the Idiocracy there are no mistakes, there are just policies that could be made even ‘more better.’   Asking for — which could quickly morph into taking — the nuclear codes would just make everything even better for our brave new leaders.  A classy Idiocracy move. 

There was something Biden said in a press conference a while back that still haunts me ‘You will know my opinion on court packing when the election is over’.  Is that a reasonable answer for a candidate to say?  I thought it wasn’t, but on reconsideration it seems like the perfect response from an Idiocracy candidate.  It is vitally, important for voters not to know what a candidate stands for.  Too bad real Idiocracies — it turns out — are completely devoid of humor.

A.C. Smith is a pen name.

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