Marjorie Taylor Greene rips ‘pathetic whining’ of GOP ‘Surrender Caucus’

She seems to be one of the few congress people with any kind of backbone…may she gain power!

by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist

She has been stripped of her committee assignments by vengeful Democrats, but that hasn’t stopped new Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from putting her stamp on congressional action.

Greene has turned her attention to floor votes where she has been trying to gum up the efforts by Democrats to force through legislation she and much of the GOP conference sees as costly or overbearing.

Her tactics were on display today when she moved to adjourn Congress before it began work to approve the costly $1.9 trillion coronavirus package pushed by President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“For the past year, this government, governments everywhere, had shut down America. Shut down small businesses, we shut down churches, we shut down beaches, we have shut down our children’s schools, and we shut down American’s lives, and it’s been horrible. And the only entity in this country that really should shut down is Congress,” she told Secrets.

While her effort didn’t stop the bill from passing, it put Democrats on notice that they haven’t quieted her by removing her from committees for actions and statements they found offensive. In fact, it gave her a new role similar to those past back row members, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, also of Georgia, used to slow Democrats down.

“Who needs committees?” she said.

But while she had the support of the large GOP Freedom Caucus, some 40 Republicans did not support her motion to adjourn even though they had no plans to vote for the stimulus package.

That prompted Greene to label them the “Surrender Caucus.” In a release, she listed them all.

“As Republicans, we should use every single tool we have to stop this ‘Hate America Socialist’ agenda. Every second, every hour, and every day we can stop radical Democrat policies, Republicans should do it,” she said.

Even after naming the lawmakers, she piled on, telling Secrets that several of her colleagues complained about her action and said it was delaying the inevitable passage of the bill.

Some, she added, even complained about having to walk to the floor to vote on her measure.

“There’s a good chunk that really don’t like to be inconvenienced, they don’t like their schedules messed up, they don’t like to have to walk down to the chamber,” she said.

“They complain about, well, ‘I’ve got all these meetings, I’ve got a Zoom call, and I’ve got this meeting.’ And to me, it is — it is the most pathetic whining I’ve ever heard in my life as a person that’s actually worked hard, most of my life. And I know the American people, you know, there’s people out there working 12-hour shifts and longer, there’s people working two to three jobs trying to make it,” said Greene.

And in explaining her actions, she added, “There’s all these people working their tail off, paying their taxes, and the American people are the victims of Congress.”

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