Lying, Cheating and Stealing, Elected Joe Biden

By J.B. Williams March 3rd, 2021 for News With Views

Nobody Elected Joe Biden

Joe isn’t running anything, and neither is Harris, who wasn’t even in the loop on Obama’s recent unprovoked bombing of Syria. She’s upset that Joe never mentioned it to her in advance, but even dementia Joe didn’t know, until he stumbled through the teleprompter announcement after the fact. Why do you think House Democrats are trying to strip mindless Joe of his nuke keys?

Oh sure, some dumbed-down useful idiots Pavlov trained to love Che Guerra and socialism, voted for Joe Biden, but nobody elected Joe Biden. Instead, an international cabal of foreign commie globalists selected empty suit Joe as a mindless sock-puppet placeholder…since Barack Obama can’t run again.

Let’s talk reality here for a change…

Harris ran such a dismal primary campaign in 2020 that she was forced to drop outearly at the bottom of the pack. Joe was losing the DNC nomination to both Sanders and Warren, until Obama cut a backroom deal with them to drop out and let China Joe win.Had it been left up to democrat voters, Bernie Sanders would have been the 2020 DNC nominee, just like 2016.

On July 10, 2019, Harris hit her peak in the DNC race at a whopping 15% of democrat voters. From that day on, she dropped like a rock until hitting rock bottom at 1% in the DNC polls, forcing her to drop out of the race on December 3, 2019. Not even democrats wanted Harris anywhere near the White House and for good reason. She’s a lunatic with zero executive experience and zero accomplishments, who was more anti-Black than anyone in California, when she was a prosecutor.

Normally, a primary winner will choose someone equally popular as a running mate for the general election, someone who brings voters to the ticket. But Harris was one of the most unpopular democrats in the DNC primaries, bringing no voters to the ticket. Why was she chosen as Biden’s running mate?

Meanwhile, dementia Joe was busy losing the DNC nomination to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, like Joe had lost every prior attempt to seek the White House. But they didn’t need any real voters…did they. Illegal mail-in voters would do the trick.

On February 18, 2020, Biden was still bottoming out at an embarrassing 16.5% in the DNC primary polls, barely better than Harris’s peak performance at 15%. Sanders was at 27.3% and headed north in the polls at that point, as Warren was in a freefall, at 12.8%. No one in the DNC primary was performing well…the party clearly fractured between old liberal and young socialist factions in the party.

Then on February 25, 2020… the backroom deal was cut, with China Joe stuck at 18% in the polls and Sanders running out front at just under 30%. Still, Biden looked sure to lose the nomination to Sanders, just like Hillary Clinton lost to Bernie in 2016, until a deal was cut to get Bernie out of the race. This time, they had to make a deal with Bernie and Warren to give China Joe a fighting chance.

By March 3, 2020…with Sanders and Warren pulling back, the dirty deal was bearing fruit and Biden and Sanders were tied at 27% each. Three days later on March 6th, Biden miraculously passed Sanders to take the lead and by March 9th, 2020, Biden allegedly crossed the 50% mark with Sander’s still polling at over 35%, even though Bernie was no longer really in the race. Just like 2016, the DNC backroom fix was in and Sanders supporters were once again left out in the cold. The most popular candidate in the race, wouldn’t even be the running mate.

Even with no one else in the race, Biden hit his DNC primary peak at 60% on April 7, 2020…40% of democrats still opposing Biden. This, does not a winning ticket make! (data here) Even democrats didn’t support mindless Joe or Harris.

Clearly, no one was really voting for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris throughout, until there was no one else to vote for. Even then, nearly all of those votes were blindly against the constantly demonized Donald Trump, not for Biden or Harris.

Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump was setting all-time records everywhere, in every category and in every voter demographic group. No president has ever had more support from across the American voter spectrum than Trump, and he enjoyed deep voter loyalty in the Republican base.

That’s why the elections had to be “stolen.”

There was no legitimate way to defeat Trump in 2020 and everyone knew it. It was a mathematical impossibility, and every intelligent honest American knows it, even those who don’t like it. Biden himself admits exactly what they were doing. But even the U.S. Supreme Court wasn’t going to stop the steal.

There had to be fraud and it had to be massive fraud, by every means possible. When you have fraud on such a massive scale, it’s impossible to hide it, even though both political parties and all U.S. “snooze” outlets have worked around the clock to bury the evidence, with the unprecedented help of the US Supreme Court, FBI, and Department of (fake) Justice.

We shouldn’t have to go any further than proving we had more votes than we have legal voters in 2020. That should be enough evidence all by itself, but it isn’t. In fact, not a single Federal Court in the USA has ever agreed to hear evidence concerning massive election fraud, because they all know the evidence is overwhelming. If the courts thought for even a second, that the evidence didn’t exist, they’d be quick to demonstrate that in a hearing, laying to rest all public concerns over corrupted elections. But no…they know the evidence is very real.

Face it…no one elected Biden or Harris. Democrats didn’t even want them in the DNC primaries. And despite the pure unfounded hate that the media drummed up against Trump for five years, he still today, remains the most popular political figure in the USA. Even the D.C. RINOs are suddenly big Trump fans again, knowing that their party is all finished, unless they can con Trump into holding it together.

Last night, President Trump spoke to the people for the first time since leaving the White House, as the keynote speaker at the 2021 CPAC meeting in Orlando. Many fans thought he was going to start a new 3rd party, but no. Others believed the looney tunes political PsyOp known as “Qanon,” waiting for Trump to be sworn back into office on March 4th, believing that the fences, razor wire and troops in D.C. were there to arrest D.C. thieves in the Federal buildings, but no.

Still others, were hopeful that Trump would announce a peaceful legal and ethical plan to expose and overturn the stolen 2020 elections, and they too were deeply disappointed, when Trump’s only plan sounded like it was written by Mitt Romney. It was all about 2022 and 2024, nothing about 2020, from a man who knows better than anyone, that we do not have honest elections and we never will again, unless we overturn 2020 and force nationwide election reforms to prevent that from ever happening again.

Trump is positioned to be the only person in America who could lead 80-million supporters to protect and defend our constitutional republic. Last night’s speech only proves that he has decided not to do that. Instead, he has been conned yet again by the RNC powers, to lead his fans to prop up the GOP for 2022 and 2024, a mission that cannot be accomplished.

WE are all we have folks, it’s just us… or it’s nobody!

No honest person can deny that China Joe is in visible late stages of dementia, which makes him a prime candidate for removal from office via the 25th Amendment, as totally incompetent, mentally deficient, and unfit to serve in any capacity.


“Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

This has been the plan all along…to temporarily seat mentally vacant China Joe as a mere placeholder of the office and then declare him mentally unfit to serve, making Kamala Harris the new “First Female President.”The “Biden” cabinet is full of Obama loyalists who stand ready to remove dementia Joe from office and install Obama sock-puppet Kamala Harris, on command. It’s all about controlling the female vote in the end.

Of course, whether it’s China Joe or Harris occupying the office, neither will ever actually be running this country. The Obama regime controlled the DNC primaries, and they control the “Biden” administration right now, putting America dead last in the world. Only 9% of the so-called $1.9T COVID bill has anything to do with COVID or even the USA. It’s massive international money laundering for the DNC.

The folks running this country, do so from behind the scenes. It’s an international cabal of global Marxists, internationally funded, represented in the USA by Barack Obama & Co., backed by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, Federal agencies, the Joint Chiefs, the FBI and Department of justice, and One World global criminals, some of whom were the vote counters (changers) abroad for the 2020 selections.

Obama is in the perfect position…he is running everything from the backroom, and everything he does, will eventually be blamed on Harris and Biden, not himself. Obama & Co. know that it is far better to own and control politicians, than to be one.

By now, every freedom loving American should know without any doubt or hesitation, that only they can save this Constitutional Republic, if only they will…And the band plays on, as the Titanic of free nations, the USA, sinks into the abyss.

We have a LOT to do and no time to do it!

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