Legit Impeachment With Merit!

There is a MUCH more valid case here than before…

by Rev. Austin Miles

Am I the only one who gags when I hear or read the words, “President Biden?” What a difference between Donald Trump and Basement Joe Biden.

President Trump had only one ambition and that was To Make America Great Again and during his time in office, he did. Biden, who stole the election (yes he did with Communist help) had his own ambition, to turn America into a socialist-Communist cesspool. The first thing he did when he slithered out the gates, was to kill the Keystone pipeline completion, which, now get this, cost 70.000 + American jobs. The logical question is, WHY?

During that first 72 hours, Biden also:

—Eliminated women’s sports—Invaded Syria
—Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage
—Admitted he doesn’t have a plan to fight COVID
—Broke his own mask mandate EO
—Ended US energy independence

Also, have you noticed how gas prices have shot upward? And with new taxes, gas prices will go even higher. He found that Executive Orders get things done without hassle even dictatorial things. And in the short time he has been in office, he has executed 42 Executive Orders. And get this, since he has been in office the National Debt has risen to $28 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Biden Spawned the destruction of the borders of our country, telling those countries to ‘come on in, we’ll pay for your housing, food, health care and education.’ Now there is a crisis on our borders that President Trump had stopped and illegals are pouring in by the millions. Plus our country is now playing host to violent criminals, cartels, and human trafficking, the scums of the earth, to destroy our beautiful country.

And there is much more destruction that Joe Biden has pushed into our country. Everything President Donald Trump reconstructed and changed for the good of America, Joe Biden has utterly put back in place. The socialist Communists have no interest in our society but their interest is for them to turn us into one of them.

Trailing at his heels, Congresswoman, AOC- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another socialist Democrat piece of work, who, once in political office, immediately killed an Amazon deal in Queens, New York, that would have provided, 25,000 American jobs. Why were not both of them impeached?

They both deliberately harmed our country. And that is why we have the impeachment option. Not for a President who actually does the job, keeps his promises and negotiates with countries including China who had been taking full advantage of the U.S. plus bringing back the respect for America that became lost during a former democrat administration.

These dem-communists are determined to turn America into another Venezuelan mud hole.

It appears that impeachment works only for the destruction of republicans who are determined to make America Great Again. Can’t have that, y’know. As any intelligent person could immediately observe, the impeachment article was totally misused by the democrats to get rid of a president who was not a fellow leftist.

This writer is calling for the LEGITIMATE impeachment of Joe Biden and the former bartender, AOC. But it will take all of us to get this done. Biden must be impeached before our country is left in shreds.

We are calling on all readers to get behind this with your letters to officials, all your representatives and news media. With our borders invaded with thousands daily coming into our country we have little time to get things back on track.

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