‘He’s a LIAR’: Mark Levin rips Jake Tapper’s ‘contemptible and utterly corrupt’ claims on voting laws

I think Mark Levin rocks. Just my opinion.


“Republicans suddenly want to make it more difficult to vote.” So says CNN’s Jake Tapper and the rest of the mainstream media. But as sane politicians address voting issues that were seen in the last election, Senate Democrats are pushing hard to enact the so-called “For the People Act” or H.R. 1, a sweeping, 791-page election bill touted as “the only hope to save American democracy.”

On “LevinTV” Thursday, host Mark Levin exposed Tapper and the rest of the mainstream media for what they are: just the man behind the curtain voicing the Democrat’s anti-constitutional propaganda.

Levin played a clip from a recent episode of “The Lead with Jake Tapper” in which Tapper stated:

Texas is the latest state where Republicans suddenly want to make it more difficult to vote. They just rolled out two dozen bills that could restrict absentee ballots. They could limit voting hours, purge voter rolls faster and more.

All this to crack down on the widespread voter fraud that does not exist, a crackdown largely motivated by Donald Trump’s big election lie. Critics of these types of bills popping up nationwide call it modern day Jim Crow.

“He’s a liar. He’s a propagandist — utterly contemptible and utterly corrupt,” Levin said of Tapper. “‘Purge voter rolls’? Isn’t that sinister. As a matter of federal law, states are required to make sure their voter rolls are accurate. It’s not a matter of purging voter rolls. It’s a matter of checking those rolls up against present day residency and whether people are actually alive … this is a good thing. You want accurate rolls, don’t you?

“And how does he know ‘the widespread voter fraud that does not exist’?” Levin asked. “Why does the IRA have auditors? Why do we have an FBI that investigates fraud? Why do we have state and local law enforcement units that investigate all kinds of fraud. […] So, the only place there’s no fraud is in voting? Isn’t that amazing?

“This guy, with a straight face, is lying to everyone,” Levin added. “The only place where there’s not fraud, apparently, is where the Democrats control the cities, and the Democrats control the states. But in this nation, we have a history of voting fraud, particularly in Democrat-controlled cities. Does Chicago ring a bell? New York City ring a bell? Philadelphia ring a bell? Detroit ring a bell? They should all ring a bell! So, [Tapper] is a liar.”

Levin went on to argue that the Democrats’ ultimate aim is to “institutionalize fraud, eliminate security measures, and advance one-party dominance.” Congress is tasked with making sure the integrity of the elections are upheld and ensuring a one-citizen, one-vote system, but they are now looking to dismantle the democratic system, spreading the narrative that if Democrats do not control the cities and states, there will be nothing but election fraud and voter suppression.

The Democrats are defining the laws at all levels of the government to take absolute electoral control and using the corrupt left-wing media to advance the narrative with half-truths. This is neither Americanism nor constitutionalism, he added.

Watch the video below for more:


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