General Mike Flynn’s Family Fights Back – Brother Files Suit Against CNN

To hell with CoNN. What a nasty group of fools/tools. They do not realize that they will be the first ones destroyed, do they? I hope the Flynns clean them out. Why in heaven’s name president Trump did not revoke their FCC license, along with ABCDEFG, MSLSD, and SeeBS is beyond me…eff them all…

God loves the Irish. A cheerful, witty bunch (I should know, I’m half Irish) who will battle relentlessly for what is right. We do not take attacks lightly and will brawl to secure our rights. Which brings me to Mike Flynn’s family. His brother Jack (and his wife) filed a defamation lawsuit today against CNN. John Solomon has the scoop:

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s brother and sister-in-law sued CNN in federal court for $75 million on Thursday, stating they were defamed by a report last month alleging they were members of the QAnon conspiracy group.

Jack and Leslie Flynn, who live in Rhode Island, alleged in U.S. District Court in New York City that the CNN report on Feb. 4 falsely portrayed them as members of QAnon by selectively airing video footage from a family outing last Fourth of July where they joined Michael Flynn in reciting the oath to the Constitution that members of Congress take.

This looks like only the first volley in a bombardment of lawsuits that the Flynn family is likely to unleash in light of the continuing smear by other media outlets. Take the Dallas Morning News as the latest to engage in journalistic malpractice. This disgraceful rag of a newspaper ran this story, Political convention at Gilley’s, city’s Omni Dallas Hotel to feature noted QAnon backers Flynn, Powell. Dallas Morning News is defaming Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell with garbage like this:

TRENDING: Biden Admin Working to Launch “Vaccine Passports” so Americans Can Prove They’ve Been Inoculated, Return to Normalcy

Both Flynn and Powell have brought widespread attention to QAnon conspiracy theory, which has as its core the widely discredited belief that a group Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control the nation’s politics and media.

But it is not just the Dallas Morning News pushing this garbage. The New York Times and MSNBC have made the same unsubstantiated accusation previously, presenting General Flynn as a QAnon conspiracy theorist:

Mr. Flynn’s dark view of Islam and eagerness to cultivate President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia have given way to an embrace of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory, and a readiness to question the very fabric of American democracy.

Now let’s look at the evidence. Mike Flynn has not “embraced QAnon.” His only “crime” in the eyes of the corrupt media is that he spoke out honestly and clearly about the rampant fraud in the November 2020 Presidential election.

Mike Flynn has been very emphatic in rejecting the QAnon fantasy. During a podcast interview on February 6, 2021 with Doug Billings, General Flynn commented very directly and succinctly on QAnon:

“First of all, there is a lot of people out there who look to you for a sign of hope that things may continue as they were prior to [Biden’s election],” Billings said before asking the first question: “Did President Trump ever sign into action the Insurrection Act?”
The question is in reference to a key part of the “QAnon” conspiracy theory that claims Trump will enact the Insurrection Act and begin “mass arrests” of deep state operatives and Satanic child traffickers.
“No,” Flynn replied. “Nonsense.”
“Is the United States military running the country or is that nonsense as well?” Billings asked Flynn.
“More nonsense,” Flynn replied.

“There’s no ‘plan,” Flynn continued, presumably referring the common QAnon refrain, “Trust the plan.”

The lawsuit by Jack and Leslie Flynn appears to be the opening move in the Flynn clan fighting back to protect their honorable names and reputations. It is time for the media to pay for their horrendous lies.

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