Far-Left Politico Claims Biden to Date is “Largely Gaffe-Free” – This is Today’s Big Media – Sick, Dishonest and a Horrible Joke Like in a Garbage Regime

The lamestream media is so compromised, so propagandizing…their bias is so blatant that they are a self-mockery, a horrible self-parody…and yet, millions of moronic Americans buy their garbage…

More lies from the media.  What a surprise.

Politico and the rest of the media are just on time.  They colluded during the Trump years and pushed make-believe stories of Russia collusion for the corrupt Washington DC Deep State.  The media knew this was all an effort to remove President Trump from office using lies but they didn’t care.  They hated an America-loving President.  They almost never reported the truth about the coup that was on-going.

Next, the media pushed more lies in their effort to oust President Trump in two unconstitutional and disgustingly dishonest impeachment efforts.  The President was innocent but that didn’t matter.

But the biggest lies from the Democrat-led Pravda that we have in the US are what they don’t tell you.  The record-setting stock market increases, the record low unemployment numbers, the Middle East peace agreements, the destruction of ISIS and the boxing-in of Iran, and the total destruction of the China economy with tariffs and other actions were never told.

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But the whopper was the media ignoring the 2020 Presidential election scam.  Day after day we reported on the election steal and day after day the Mainstream Media (Big Media) ignored it.  They were happy to see a stolen US election as long as an America-loving President was removed.  We published more than 1,700 articles on the 2020 Election steal between November 3rd, 2020, and January 20, 2021, alone.  The entire Big Media complex – close to zero.

So it comes as no surprise that Politico is now praising senile and inept Biden as having a “largely gaffe-free debut”.  It’s sickening really.  FOX News reported:

Politico raised eyebrows late Monday after publishing an article praising President Biden for a “largely gaffe-free” debut as commander-in-chief, despite the president’s extremely limited availability to the press.

The evening edition of Politico’s Transition Playbook, which bills itself as a “guide to the first 100 days of the Biden administration,” questioned whether the new president, who has a reputation as a “gaffe machine,” has become a “disciplined messenger.”

“Two and a half months in, that’s undoubtedly the case,” Politico answered its own question. “The president so far has surprised some of his former colleagues and allies with a largely gaffe-free White House debut after a lifetime of verbal stumbles.”

As the article itself noted, Biden hasn’t held a formal press conference since taking office and Wednesday’s sitdown on ABC’s “Good Morning America” will only be his second television interview as president.

Biden isn’t gaffe-free.  The evil old man stole an election!  He’s bringing monsters into his Administration.  He hasn’t held a presser and wouldn’t hold a State of the Union speech because he physically and mentally can’t.  He is never around and when he is, he is out to lunch.  No one really knows who’s running the show and this is absolutely frightening.  Biden isn’t leading anyone.  He has to be told where to go and how to carry his ridiculous folder. 

Big Media is beyond a joke.  They are corrupt, dishonest, and ultimately evil.  This is why their numbers continue to go down and ‘New Media’ outlets like The Gateway Pundit flourish despite numerous headwinds from Big Tech and Democrat policies.

Americans and the world want the truth and hate lies.  Big Media has nothing to provide here.

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