EXPOSED: Now We Know What Was On Notes Joe Biden Kept Looking At During His First Press Conference

Just in case you missed the Impostor-in-Chief’s press conference, you should be made aware that the entire event was scripted, with copious notes, a numbered program of reporters to call on, rehearsed softball questions, and lots of rambling.

And this is the most powerful man in the world? We are in deep manure, folks!

President Joe Biden gave his first press briefing in over two months in office on Thursday. At his briefing, he kept looking at his notes over and over again.

Now, we have a first inside look at what was on those notes he had in his hands.

Impostor-in-Chief Joke Xiden

Can you see what is on there? Here is a closer look:

You can see numbers next to journalists’ faces and names, suggesting that the president was taking prepared questions in order. No wonder zero conservative media reporters were called on during the press conference.

It turned out that Biden was calling on reporters based on a prepared list, just like many had thought.

There is MUCH more an the original article than I will post now…please have a look but be prepared to be embarrassed…this is the man who stole the office of the presidency…

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