Election Fraud Exposed In Europe

From Stop World Control comes this…

I want to give you a quick update on what we have been doing in The Netherlands, a nation that is KEY to the liberation of the world.

Remember how New York was called New Amsterdam, and how Australia was New Holland, and how the Dutch were once the richest nation in the world, who changed the face of the whole earth?

The royal family of The Netherlands is still one of the richest, most influential… and most satanic in the world.

They have founded the Bilderberg group, a conference where the elite gathers to plan how to seize world domination.
In Depth Report Exposes Government Crimes
Last week I worked on exposing a major crime in the Netherlands, which is waking up the nation: unprecedented election theft by the government.

After a year of tiranny, millions are ready for a change of the guards. There is an explosion of support for one single party that is opposing the New World Order.

They have THIRTY TIMES MORE members than the other parties!
In their rallies crowds were unprecedented. Social media was buzzing with support for them. The Dutch want to be set free! But… blatant election fraud pushed them down, and a witch was placed as the new potential minister-president of The Netherlands. A woman who is a puppet of Klaus Schwab.

A serial killer who is crying out for vaccine passports for all citizens, saying the Netherlands must follow the example of Israel, where only the vaccinated can go shopping.
Nobody likes this horrifying woman, named Sigrid Kaag, yet supposedly she has been chosen by the Dutch people, to be their leader.

Go figure…
I made an in depth report with a ton of evidence that the elections were rigged. Two videos show IT experts saying the voter software was set up specifically to allow fraud.

The voting software has NO SAFETY bult into it whatsoever.

Anyone can sit behind a voting computer, or easily hack into it, and change the votes manually. No action will ever trigger an alarm whatsoever. Can you believe such nonsense?

This is happening all over the world… All over the world… Elections are set up to fool humanity. That’s why this report is relevant for all of us, wherever we live. It is going viral in the Netherlands, awakening more and more people.

You can read it here, using Google translate if you want. Or copy and paste this address:

Election Theft In The USA

This confirms what happened in the USA, and which has been exposed powerfully in these English videos:

Or copy and paste this url:

Make sure to watch and SHARE. Help wake up the world, one person at a time…
Let’s keep exposing wickedness and shining a very bright light on the world, to awaken the people!
The light can never be stopped. Nobody can hinder the sun from rising, and nobody can stop the truth from illuminating humanity.

So keep sharing truth please, keep opening the eyes of the blind, be brave and stand like a warrior to release the voice of freedom, in every nation of the world!

Much love,
David Sorensen

We Can Do This!

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