Democrat Senator Manchin Unloads When Asked About Ending Filibuster

Good to see there are still some reasonable liberal democrats that have their heads on straight…this fellow and at least one other have not folded to the leftists that have destroyed the once-important Democrat party…

Written by Martin Walsh for Conservative Brief

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has remained clear about one thing: he is not going to support ending the Senate filibuster.

The Senate filibuster is a rule that requires 60 members to end debate on most topics and move to a vote.

The Senate is currently tied at 50-50, but Vice President Kamala Harris can cast the tie-breaking vote and give Democrats the majority.

Democrats want to end the filibuster so they can ram through several of their radical policies, but they can’t afford a single Democrat to vote against them.

They need all 50 of their votes, which is why Manchin has become such a critical figure.

When asked by Fox News reporter Jason Donner on Tuesday if he supports ending the filibuster, he made it clear he will never support it.

“Never!” Manchin declared.

“Jesus Christ, what don’t you understand about never?” he added.

It is not the first time Manchin has said he’ll never change his opinion on the filibuster.

Back in January, Manchin told the Washington Post, “I will not vote to bust the filibuster under any condition, on anything that you can think of.”

He was joined by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., who has said that she is not open to “changing her mind.”

Manchin said the same thing back in November, making it at least the third time he has voiced opposition to ending the filibuster.

“I commit to tonight and I commit to all of your viewers and everyone else that’s watching, I want to allay those fears, I want to rest those fears for you right now because when they talk about, whether it be packing the courts or ending the filibuster, I will not vote to do that,” Manchin said at the time.

Manchin called the U.S. Senate a “unique” legislative body in that the original parameters encourage bipartisanship.

“I’m a proud moderate conservative Democrat. Maybe there’s not many of us left but I can tell you what this country wants is moderation,” he said.

“Whatever the message was, it was wrong for this many people to be split, for us not to be able to have a mess that didn’t scare the bejeezus out of people and when you’re talking about basically the Green New Deal and all this socialism, that’s not who we are as a Democratic Party,” he added.

While Manchin may be wrong about where the Democrat Party is headed, he serves as a bulwark against a one-party tyranny, at least until the Midterm Elections next year.

If he can hold the line until then, Republicans are in a prime position to take back one of the legislative chambers, if not both.

Who thought the fate of the Republic would be decided by counting on a Democrat to make sane and moral decisions?

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