Chris Wray Hearing: GOP Senators Ask No Questions About Jan. 5th Bombs, Ashli Babbitt’s Killer, Isolation and Torture of Trump Supporters or the Rumored Planned Bombing of Biden’s Talk

Can this man be trusted? Are you kidding? Another Deep State tool/fool if you ask me…

FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in his first testimony since the US Capitol riot on January 6th.

Wray told the Senate today the riot in the US Capitol was “domestic terrorism.”

Chris Wray also said there was NO EVIDENCE of “fake Trump supporters” present at the US Capitol that day — a lie.
Chris Wray said the FBI was still investigating the cause of Officer Sicknick’s death despite reports that he suffered a stroke and not a beating.

The Senate Republicans mostly gave Chris Wray a pass.
This was disappointing.

** There were no questions — not one — on Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was gunned down in cold blood by a Capitol Police Lieutenant.
** There were no questions about the Trump supporters sitting in prison for trespassing in the US Capitol.
** There were no questions on the isolation and torture of the Capitol Hill protesters.
** No one asked about reports that Trump supporters were planning on bombing the US Capitol.
** No one asked about the terrorist who planted bombs at the Republican and Democrat party headquarters in Washington DC.

Dozens of Trump supporters are still being held without bail.

Dozens or more of Trump supporters are being harassed at airports for attending the Trump rally in January.

The horned shaman was transferred to Washington DC for walking through the Capitol and sitting in the House Chamber.
He is being held without bond.

He’s not alone.

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