This is ugly. We are becoming subhuman…


News anchor: “It sounds unbelievable, but kids as young as 11 years old [are being] recruited by the cartels.”

The fastest-growing commodity in the Biden-era of loose national borders is children.

According to investigative reporter Drew Hernandez, children are highly valued by the cartels. Appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Hernandez informed Bannon of what children are worth to this criminal element.

Drew Hernandez: “A migrant child unaccompanied in Mexico right now, the Mexican government put out some intel — the Mexican government, okay? — a child right now is going for about $3,200.”

Hernandez elaborated on what it takes for an illegal immigrant to enter the United States and how an accompanying minor would help them secure safe passage.

Drew Hernandez: “These cartels have price tags on human beings. … The only way you see getting into the United States — the cartels will literally tell these people, hey, if you have a minor with you we’ll give you a lower price of $3,200; we’ll give you a safe passage across the border.”

Children lucky enough to make it into Biden’s cages are the fortunate ones.

President Trump: “Who built the cages, Joe?”

Others have been bought and sold for sex trafficking or child slavery or for smuggling drugs and weapons into the United States. Targeted minors, however, are not just Latinos coming up from the south. American children are also being lured into criminal activity — as young as 11 or 12 — to smuggle drugs, weapons and other minors into the United States.

News anchor: “Methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl — all in the hands of Arizona’s children. But they’re not using them. They’re smuggling them.”

When the criminals can’t find enough minors to use in bordering states, they lure them through social media.

Border agent: “Kids from Glendale, from Peoria, from Mason can come down here with friends, relatives — they’re just going to spend the day and then come back.”

And it’s not a one-way criminal enterprise. American minors are also recruited to smuggle drugs from the United States into Mexico. Many are caught and face a minimum of 3.5 years in prison.

Further, the Biden policy of “catch and release” is making America more dangerous. 

Drew Hernandez: “We have pedophiles, rapists and kidnappers being released into the United States of America. This is not a Republican issue. It is not a Democrat issue. This is an issue of evil — pure evil.”

Politics is keeping Biden backers from calling this a crisis. But now, as ideology triumphs over common sense, children are the biggest losers.

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