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861 Criminals Caught Crossing Texas Border Area, Including 92 Sex Offenders: Official

By Jack Phillips

Border Patrol agents apprehend a group of illegal immigrants near downtown El Paso, Texas, on March 15, 2021. (Justin Hamel/AFP via Getty Images)

Border Patrol section chief reported that more than 861 criminals have been encountered at the border, including 92 sex offenders and 63 gang members since the start of the fiscal year.

“Within the copious amounts of groups being encountered in” the Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas, “a Salvadoran man with a prior conviction for murder was discovered” along with 862 criminal aliens, Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings wrote on Twitter Saturday.

Hastings wrote that recently, agents encountered five large groups of illegal immigrant families, unaccompanied minors, and some adults—totalling 539.

Embedded in the groups were about 93 unaccompanied children, Hastings said, adding that so far in 2021, more than 18,000 such children have been encountered by agents.

President Joe Biden last week said he would not apologize for rolling back a number of border policies of his Republican predecessor, President Donald Trump, and brushed off criticism that illegal immigrants were making the journey because they perceived him to be a “nice guy.”

He said the United States was in talks with Mexico for that country to take back more illegal immigrant families.

Biden has received bipartisan backlash, with even some Democratic lawmakers calling on the president to reinstate some of Trump’s immigration policies.

“The administration is doing the right thing because the law requires that we process unaccompanied minors,” Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) said in a statement on March 24. “However, we are in the middle of a pandemic and our systems are being overwhelmed.”

Vela, citing Border Patrol data, said that 13 percent of unaccompanied minors encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border are under the age of 12, while the majority are aged 13 or older.

“One logical approach to this situation would be to return the older teenagers to their home country and provide funding for an effort supervised by the United Nations to properly care for those teenagers upon their return,” Vela said. “Then, once the pandemic is under control you could phase the program back in so that there would be some semblance of control over the process. I think that this would help relieve the current burden.”

At the same time, the White House has faced pushback from members of the media, who have decried a lack of transparency surrounding facilities being used to hold children and other illegal migrants.

Reuters contributed to this report.




Ship Illegal Alien Minors Back to Their Parents Now

By: Devvy Kidd

The disaster on our southern border since the illegitimate lying, cheating “president” Joe Biden was installed in OUR house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave was as predictable as a two-year old throwing a temper tantrum.  No question open borders have always been the goal of the shadow government because it will ultimately destroy the middle class.  The game plan underway for decades.  Without a healthy middle class, the economy will collapse.

President-Elect, Donald Trump, despite multiple politically biased decisions by robes on the bench, managed to get several hundreds of miles of wall built.  ‘The wall’ which was highly successful in stopping hordes of illegal aliens.  Biden’s handlers (Communist Valeria Jarrett and empty suit, Hussein Obama) immediately killed all construction.  EXCLUSIVE: Biden Spending Millions per Day to Halt Border Wall Construction

Trump killed the insane ‘catch and release’ policy of releasing rapists, murderers, thieves, sexual predators, terrorists and other assorted scum into our cities and towns.  Pervert Biden who loves to sniff little girl’s hair and paw them in public at photo ops overturned Trump’s effective weapon so once again rapists, murderers, thieves, sexual predators, terrorists and other assorted scum are now back to being released into our communities.

Biden Administration Reinstates ‘Catch and Release’ Policy at Southern Border

GAO to Determine Whether Joe Biden Broke the Law by Freezing Money For Border Wall in Violation of Budget Rules

BORDER SHOCK! GOP Senators Describe ‘Biden Arrows’ at Border to Direct Illegals to Free Services — Eight Hour Catch and Release into US Interior (VIDEO), March 26, 2021 – “Senator Lindsey Graham:Joe Biden made the situation worse yesterday…The last thing I learned is that we are complicit as a nation in human trafficking. What did we learn last night? There’s a trail on our side of the border with markers placed by the federal government to show illegal immigrants where to go.

“That we’re transporting people who paid to get here the last mile with your taxpayer dollars. It’s costing about $800 a day per child. If we don’t change…There’ll be 250,000 people a month coming. The border patrol says there’s no end to this.”

Over 861 Criminals Caught Crossing US Rio Grande Border including 63 Gang Members, 92 Sex Offenders and Murderers,  March 28, 2021 – You can bet the farm it’s only a small percentage that have been caught.  They’re coming for your daughter, son, wife and property.  Or simply gun down your husband to steal his wallet or vehicle.

President Trump negotiated and was successful in implementing the ‘stay in Mexico’ for illegal aliens trying to claim asylum.  The majority of illegals trying for asylum is not because they come from an area riddled with uncontrolled barbaric violence.

Like Rwanda.  I had never heard of Rwanda until the atrocities going on there finally made “the news” in 1994.  At that time, it was really only CNN.  Home PCs were just coming to American homes on a large scale.  What happened in that little country became known as the “Rwandan Genocide” and indeed, it was horrible beyond words.

The human invasion going on for the past 45 years since Ronald Reagan sold us out isn’t because of another Rwanda.  Too many asylum seekers claim domestic abuse or poverty or they simply lie through their teeth.  Yes, drug cartels control many regions of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico who control people using bribes, murder and fear.  Unless and until their governments get serious about that problem, it will remain the same.  But it is not the responsibility of the U.S. government to butt into other countries woes.Democrat chants way to stop the caravans from South America is to invest in those countries by raping us in more taxes in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Illegals coming from Mexico and South America come to suck off the bankrupt U.S. Treasury and federal welfare system as well as insane state welfare systems like California in violation of federal immigration laws.  They come here to steal jobs that belong to Americans and naturalized Americans.

Aided and abetted by employers in violation of federal immigration law but they don’t care.  Cheap labor is what they want and the hell with your job and your family.   They keep doing it, get caught, pay a fine, wait a while and hire illegals all over again.  If there was prison time instead of a fine, the problem would all but go away.

It is beyond despicable that any parent would drag their child(ren) a thousand miles, put them in a rubber boat, shove it off the shore of the Rio Grande with no life jacket and walk away.  Or, forcing them to swim in narrower sections of that river.  A “loving” parent does NOT abandon their child(ren) at some border and walk away.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Unaccompanied Migrant Children Search for Border Patrol in South Texas – Of course they are because likely they have ILLEGAL alien relatives somewhere in the 48 contiguous states.  ILLEGALS CHAIN MIGRATION.

9-Year-Old Mexican Girl Drowns Crossing Rio Grande Amid Biden Border Surge

The “mother” and a three-year old were revived.  SHAME on HER for putting her daughter and son in such obvious danger.  Oh, PC trolls, shut up.  It’s long past time to hold parents of illegal minors responsible for what happens to their children regardless of whether they come from Ireland, China, Mexico, South America or South Africa.  Had that mother stayed home likely she would have been able to see her little girl grow up.

Fake “president” dementia addled China Joe decided last week the border disaster he promoted needed someone other than himself to “fix it”.  New point dog:  Fake VP Kamala “Legs in the Air” Harris.  Oh, wait.  Two days later, Biden’s handlers apparently had a change in plans due to the stink raised on social media about Joe being unable to ‘lead’ on cleaning up his mess.  So, Ho Harris was un-delegated.  Perhaps she can go back to her casting couch and see if she can climb the political ladder in her usual way since that new job assignment has been canceled.

Liberals and do-gooders out there are peeing their pants because “the children” are suffering.  Yeah, they are thanks to their mother and a father if one is around.  Young girls traveling with their “mothers” using coyotes are routinely raped along the way.  Biden DID tell illegals to come to America because “when I’m elected, you’ll get in.”  If you don’t turn up dead along the way or mom has to explain to her 8-year old daughter why blood is running down her little child legs after two, dirty filthy 40-year old coyotes raped her.

Nearly 30,000 illegal minor children are now being housed in horrible conditions.

Exclusive: Border Agent Gives Inside Account of Overcrowded Facilities

“In family detention, the air is full of the smell of urine and vomit. There are fights in the cells of the children. Scabies, lice, the flu, and COVID-19 run rampant.

“Up to 80 people are kept in cells that measure 24- by 30-foot and there are not enough mattresses to go around. The air is stuffy and that causes the centers to be veritable Petri dishes of various germs and diseases. Border Patrol agents on the front lines are getting so frustrated that they are speaking out despite a gag order placed by Biden.

“During any given shift there are 2 agents to supervise 300 to 500 detainees. They are being forced to separate children from some of the ones accompanying them because they are not related, which often happens during child sex trafficking.

“So far this fiscal year (from Oct. 1, 2020), Border Patrol has apprehended more than 29,000 unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally. In all of fiscal 2020, just over 33,000 were apprehended, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics.”

Sean Hannity had a recent segment on this where a facility that has a maximum of 60 occupancy for illegal aliens was full with more than 700 of them.For weeks they’ve been and will likely continue to be shipped around the country by plane, bus or trucks.  Biden said the hordes of illegal minors are “America’s children”.  BULL SH*T, JOE.

They are their mother and father’s children and the country from which they came.  They are here illegally and have no right to be on U.S. soil, period.  I love children dearly and consider them a gift from God. But it is NOT my responsibility to financially adopt them and neither is it your burden. 

I do feel sorry for those children but they must be deported as soon as possible.  All you suckers out there bleeding with compassion, open your eyes.  This is exactly how the plan is supposed to work:  Use children to gain sympathy from Americans.  Do you not understand there is NO money in the U.S. Treasury to pay for this massive invasion by illegal minors?  $86 MILLION dollars granted for hotel rooms and other care.  $86 MILLION DEBT DOLLARS.

Taxpayers Stuck with Bill of $392.69 per Person per Night on Hotels for Illegals Crossing Border

Do you not understand every damn penny is DEBT YOUR CHILDREN – HELL, YOU TOO – WILL PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR LIVES?  Crushing debt that is going to bring this economy to its knees in ways you don’t even know.  Yet.

President Trump made enormous headway with governments in South America as well as Mexico regarding illegal aliens.  In less than two months, all destroyed by the fake “Biden Administration”.

Article IV, Sec. 4, U.S. Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion;”

The U.S. government refuses to protect each state against invasion so the states must stand up and fight back.  State Attorney Generals as well as governors and state legislators need be reminded of their power:

“Memorandum for Walter Zellman from Sallyanne Payton, clearly marked: Preliminary Draft for Official Use Only. Do Not Quote or Release For Any Purpose, page 4, Health Care Task Reform under Hillary Clinton. Please note these sections:

“(b) may the federal government use other actors in the governmental system and the private sector as its agents and give them orders as though they were parts of a prefectorial system? The short answer is “no.” State governments are independent, although subordinated, sovereignties, not subdivisions of the federal government.

“Although the federal government may regulate many of their functions directly [as well, for example, it subjects state water districts to the Clean Water Act], it may not require them to exercise their own governmental powers in a manner dictated by federal law. The states may be encouraged, bribed or threatened into entering into joint federal state programs of various sorts, from unemployment insurance to Medicaid; but they may not be commanded directly to use their own governmental apparatus in the service of federal policy. There is a modest jurisprudence of the Tenth Amendment that seems to have settled on this proposition. See the DOJ [Dept. of Justice] memorandum for a fuller elaboration.”

My personal opinion is the feds can house and detain illegals regardless of age at any building owned by the U.S. government but they cannot force any state government to go along with their plans whether it be financial or otherwise.  Several thousand were shipped to a stadium in Dallas and a convention center in San Diego.  Those facilities are not detention centers for illegal aliens. The owners whether city or private should have said, no.  Of course, that didn’t happen for obvious reasons:  It’s for the children!!!!! and would be bad publicity drummed up by the whores in the MSM.

Here in Texas thousands of illegal minors are being bused around the state.  Our DPS is strained to breaking just like our Border Patrol Agents who’ve been forced into the role of baby sitters and social workers.

40 miles from where I live:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘They have doctors and chefs – they’re living better than us!’ Angry Texas residents tell how the Biden administration is housing over 500 migrant youths at an all-inclusive $33m ‘man camp’ just feet away from their homes

“About 500 migrant youths are being housed at a ‘man camp’ in Midland, Texas that was constructed in 2012 to temporarily house workers in the oil industry.  Shon Crabtree, 42, lives across the street from the Federal Government’s newest unaccompanied minor immigration detention facility and is clearly disgruntled.

“’I’m worried about some of them escaping and coming to my house and holding my family hostage until they get what they want or taking a vehicle. We are scared,’ Crabtree told  The migrant children, who appear to be 12-17 years in age, are mainly from Central America.”  Some of these illegal minor “children” around the country were eventually found to be in their early 20’s.

Border cages reek of urine and vomit! Scabies, lice, flu, COV are rampant, March 24, 2021  – Not to mention illegals, minors or other adults have been bringing in TB and other diseases long eradicated from this country.  Those minors are then shoved into YOUR schools while getting “free” dental and medical paid for by you while you struggle to pay for your child’s dental needs.

Montana A.G.: We’re Worried Migrants Will Be Relocated to our State and We Won’t Be Able to Keep Them from Being Released –  I believe he should simply inform the federals that you can house illegals in any federal facility but other than that, you will receive no cooperation from the State of Montana, period. CALL THEIR BLUFF, AG Knudsen.

None of these illegal aliens are vetted and represent a danger to the citizens of Montana and if you want to fight it out in court, let’s have at it.  And, if I lived in Montana, I’d flood AG Austin Knudsen’s office with that message.  His phone number is:  (406) 444-2026

I notice on the official web site for Montana’s AG it has a section on human trafficking which mentions, of course, illegals.  No state is free from the grotesque and obscene human trafficking industry whether it be for sex or labor.  Bad enough dealing with U.S. citizens but the problem is exacerbated when you add illegals into the that heinous crime industry.

The Department of Homeland Security now run by Alejandro Mayorkasa (One of Obama’s lap dogs, Maorkasa has now served under two illegitimate presidents, Hussein Obama and liar China Joe) finally owned up to the magnitude of this current disaster involving illegal minors.  Mayorkasa then vomited up it was “under control” and would not reinstate one of Trump’s strong actions:  immediately deporting teens and children.

Just another professional liar:  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed former President Donald Trump on Sunday’s “State of the Union” on CNN for the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The following dung-bag Republicans voted to confirm Mayorkas:  Capito (WV), Collins (ME), Murkowski (AK), Portman (OH) who thankfully is leaving office; don’t let the door slam on your worthless backside, Romney (UT) and Sullivan (AK).

The states must stand up and say no to cooperating with this nightmare.  If I were president, I would have immediately ordered U.S. troops along the Mexican border to the hot spots, places where there’s no fence, broken fences and known ‘highways’ used by coyotes to cross the border.  If they encounter any illegals, give them water and tell them to turn around and go back to where they can from.  This is one of the things Trump did not do which could have stopped tens of thousands of illegals during his four years.  Too bad he didn’t do it.

I would order all illegal alien minors immediately bused to the Mexican border and sent back to Mexico.  Feed them McDonald’s, but get them transported to the border asap.  As they are not citizens of the U.S. the only “right” they have is to be provided food and safe transportation to the Mexican border.

I would then call Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López, and tell him in no uncertain terms:  YOU allowed all those caravans to pass through Mexico on the way to the U.S.  Instead of having some serious talks with presidents of South American countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to stop known caravans, you failed to stop them from invading my country once they passed through yours.  Now, I’m returning the human cargo back to you and you can sort out the mess.

Lopez now has his knickers in a twist and is passing off the blame to Biden where some of it belongs but that does not absolve him from not stopping those caravans.  Mexico has extremely tight immigration laws.  They know where those caravans are headed with more on the way.

A large part of the blame lies right at the Republican Party for ignoring the solution when they had a Republican president, Trump, and controlled the House and Senate from Jan. 2017 through Dec. 31, 2018.  The Democrat/Communist Party USA allegedly took the majority in the U.S. House in January of 2019. Republicans had more than enough time to get this done:

Back on August 24, 2014 I wrote this column, A Bill:  Stop All Public Welfare in Any Form For Illegal Aliens.  The big magnet for illegals.  That bill was introduced by former U.S. Senator, Dirty Harry Reid, another career Democrat crook.  It is the strongest bill ever written to self-deport tens of millions of illegals and stop even more from sneaking across our border.

Two months after Trump was sworn in, I sent him a letter about that bill urging him to get his GOP controlled Congress to get it introduced passed and then signed into law.  I sent the same letter to Trump’s senior adviser, Stephen Miller, one of only a couple advisors who were faithful to Trump and America.  I sent a letter to several senators including Ted Cruz and a half dozen U.S. reps like Louis Gohmert about that bill to get it introduced and passed.

I waited three months and sent the letters to all of them again and so did their constituents.  Never received a reply from any of them.  Many readers sent their letters to their GOP reps and senators only to receive canned replies with the usual BS.  Never heard one word about that bill from any GOP members of Congress.

Reid’s bill, the Immigration Stabilization Act [S.1351] contains strong language blowing up the bogus “legal” myth regarding so-called anchor babies:



“In the exercise of its powers under section 5 of the Fourteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Congress has determined and hereby declares that any person born after the date of enactment of this title to a mother who is neither a citizen of the United States nor admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident, and which person is a national or citizen of another country of which either of his or her natural parents is a national or citizen, or is entitled upon application to become a national or citizen of such country, shall be considered as born subject to the jurisdiction of that foreign country and not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States within the meaning of section 1 of such Article and shall therefore not be a citizen of the United States or of any State solely by reason of physical presence within the United States at the moment of birth.

These videos need to be shared by the millions (2:28 minutes):

Clinton and Obama on Illegal Immigration & Border. Trump’s reaction? Priceless!

RNC Cites Clinton, Obama, Schumer Immigration Quotes, Releases ‘Illegal Immigration’ Victims Video – “During a presidential campaign event in 2015, Hillary Clinton said, “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think that you have to control your borders.”

“Included in the rotating images was a quote from Bill Clinton’s State of the Union address in 2005, when he said allowing immigration laws to be abused was “wrong” and “self-defeating.”

25 Years of Democrats’ Illegal Immigration Hypocrisy – full of video clips.  “Even President Obama, who signed the executive order creating DACA and who has repeatedly slammed President Trump’s plans for a border wall, was one of the Senators who got behind the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which, you guessed it, authorized the construction of a border wall.

“Hillary Clinton went so far as to brag about her vote for the Secure Fence Act of 2006 while campaigning for President in November of 2015.”  Chuck Schumer:  “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple,” he told a conference at Georgetown Law School.  “When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers,’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration, which the American people overwhelmingly oppose.  If you don’t think it’s illegal, you’re not going to say it.  I do think it’s illegal and wrong and we have to change it.”

Dirty, rotten hypocrites who don’t give a damn how many Americans are killed everyday by illegal aliens, how many robbed, raped (toddlers, babies, a 72-year old woman) by illegals, how many terrorists are crossing over, how many drugs smuggled – they only want to give them amnesty to vote Democrat.

Increasing Numbers of Deported Child Sex Offenders Appearing at U.S. Border, Mar.  24

Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 72-Year-Old Handicapped Woman at Bus Stop, Springfield, MO) Mexican /  ICE Catches Illegal Alien Accused of Child Rape After His Release by NYC – NYC is an illegal “sanctuary city” who released that illegal from Guatemala back into the community after raping a child  /  Illegal Alien Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Toddler Should Have Been Turned Over to ICE in 2019:  “The Chicago Police Department declined to enforce an immigration detainer on an illegal alien with several felony convictions and, as a result, the man was free to allegedly sexually assault a three-year-old girl in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in Chicago, said Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a Feb. 27 press release.

“The suspect, Christopher Puente, 34, is a Mexican national “who is a previously deported aggravated felon illegally present in the United States,” said ICE.”

Go look at this 2:57 second video.  Notice what coward Sen. Lankford says as he’s showing the area:  “There’s Mexico right there where’s a bright spot where they’ll be able to walk through and then get picked up by border patrol.”  Langford caved and voted to accept the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6th which ushered in Biden and now he’s bitching about Biden’s mess? Part 2.

WHAT THE HELL?  Why isn’t that area blocked by our military or the National Guard so those hordes of illegals don’t just get to “walk through”?

Amnesty is top of the list for the socialists and communists in Congress.  Dirty, traitorous Republicans now want to play in the same amnesty sand box with themRepublican Lawmakers Attempt to Defend Amnesty Votes,  March 22, 2021 (More bills to come.)Here’s the list of how they voted – 30 Republicans who need to be defeated in the upcoming primaries.  I don’t give a damn if they’re pro-life. There’s great pro-life challengers who get beaten every time in the primaries either by vote fraud or the Republican machine that keeps RINOs in office. We can change that and defeat our internal enemies.

It’s going to take every one of us sacrificing our time to stop any more amnesty.  I can tell you right now many Democrats in the House are in serious trouble for 2022.  There’s a game plan I’ll put out there soon.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll put the heat on your governors and state attorney generals to stand like warriors against the dumping of illegal minors into our communities nationwide even if they have to sue to stop it.  They must refuse to assist the federals in every way possible.  Keep calling your U.S. House rep and Senators and tell them to ship all those illegal minors back to the Mexican border and let Mexico deal with them.  We are sick of being raped in taxes to support illegal aliens regardless of age or where they come from.

Help me inform Americans with my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions.  400 pages of facts and solutions on these issues: “Federal” Reserve, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more.  800-955-0116 for phone orders

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