Anything BUT Equality

This is one of the biggest no-brainer in history. And what sad male individuals are those who feel they need to dominate women in sports to feel successful?

Equality Act Misnomer, Women’s Rights Pushed DECADES Backwards!

What is happening today with the equality act is anything but equality for women. Quite the opposite, it is pushing decades of fighting for a woman’s right to vote, a seat at the corporate table, the right to play sports and expanding sports for women, and having it hijacked by males. Progressives are selective in “trusting the science”, because science says there are only 2 chromosomes X & Y. Biological males will destroy women’s sports and girl’s dreams. It is another misogynist tactic that the suffragettes, women libbers, and the feminist movement spent years demonstrating and burning bras over!

Transgenders and non-binary athletes should form a separate sports category to compete amongst each other. This is the only fair and sensible solution!

Gold medal soccer player Meghan Rapino disingenuously says she has no problem with transgender biological males in women’s sports. Well, she didn’t have to grow up competing against them quashing her dreams. It’s easy thing to say after her dreams were realized by reaching the pinnacle in sports with a gold medal, without going head to head against transgender males on her path to victory! Every young woman should have the same opportunity!

So where are the studies on this issue? Is this a triggered response verses studying the long term effects of pushing the Equality Act through for the benefit of other agendas, political or otherwise? Is this the reality of progressivism vs the well-being of young women?

I haven’t seen or heard of any study to explore the physical and psychological affect on the women and girls subjected to this gross imbalance. We have seen girls in sports that were once the top athlete in their class, now losing to transgenders, experiencing frustration and dismay, and speaking out.

“I don’t know of a woman athlete who doesn’t want trans girls to be treated fairly. But the cost of treating her fairly should not come at the cost of discriminating against a biologically-female-at birth woman.”

Donna Lopiano
Sports consultant

Is progressivism so great that pushing bills and acts through without researching adverse affects on our young women worth it? Or is pushing the Equality Act without research part of an agenda the left doesn’t want us to know? The once champions of women, would prefer to pander to the extreme versus the whole when less than .06% of American citizens fall into the LGBTQ category.

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