Learning to Trust and Obey

By Butch Paugh

We have all heard the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  Well, to be totally honest, I can’t answer why bad things happen to good people.  Just life in this world I guess.  After all, who hasn’t had what they considered a bad thing happen to them?  But I’m certain the statement that I am about to make will raise some eyebrows, and maybe a little anger.  Get ready, here it is!  For those who have been truly born again, converted and translated into the Kingdom of Christ, bad things never happen!  Told you!  After you get over the shock, please read on.  Let’s find the facts in the word of God.

We will start with one of my favorite verses in the Bible, Rom. 8:28; please read slowly and allow every word to register and bring complete meaning to you.  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.”  Simple huh?  But sometimes, as it certainly was for me, growing and maturing in the knowledge and grace in Christ was needed to comprehend this wonderful promise.  I feel I must warn you on one issue however.  As you grow and mature in Christ and are able to understand His word on a higher plain that others, you will be misunderstood, ridiculed and may be ostracized by some.  Many of them will be immature believers.   Mt. 10:34-39

To learn to trust people you have to get to know them and understand their character.  This is true with Christ our Lord also.  Let’s look at the meaning of the word “trust” as found on the Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the only one to use for any type of study:  “Trust – Prov. 29:25 – Confidence;  a reliance of resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship or other sound principle of another person.  To commit to the care of, in confidence.”  Trust your Maker with yourself and all your concerns!  I sincerely pray that you are already being blessed reading and understanding what has been written so far.

Let’s look now at the how we learn obedience to God’s Word in Christ.  We can and do learn obedience by the situations we face in our life; many that we may not understand the reason as to “why” they happened.  Certainly the diverse sufferings that sometimes come with these situations are not pleasant!  But we are instructed to glory in our trials and sufferings in this world for the glory of God! (Rom. 5:3-5)  Even our Saviour learned obedience through suffering.  (Heb. 5:8)  Should not we as the children of God learn by our Saviour’s example? (John 1:12)  We all from time to time face some very difficult trials in our lives.  (I Pet. 4:12)

As we have already understood the promise of Romans 8:28, let’s look a little deeper into God’s Word as to why we can trust and obey God’s Word through all life may bring to us.

First, we have been purchased at a very high price!  (Acts 20:28)  We are not our own.  We no longer own ourselves.  (I Cor. 6:19-20)  Shouldn’t the one that bought us by His own death be “allowed” to guide our lives and use our lives as He sees fit?  We are no longer to serve our own desires or other men’s unrighteous decrees.  (I Cor. 7:23)  If you believe the Word of God, the 1611 KJV Bible, and if you are truly a redeemed child of God, you will come to understand and know that God is the only “Sovereign”. (Rev. 19:6)  He rules in the affairs of men.  He even uses the evil of men for, and to His glory!

(Ps. 76:10)  By the right of creation of all things He alone is the only sovereign, potentate and King! (Col. 1:16-17, I Tim 6:16)  Surely, as our

Redeemer and our King, He has total authority in our lives to use us as He sees fit.  It is our duty to be a vessel of honor meet for the Master’s use.  (II Tim. 2:19-21)

Most people simply don’t understand that there are only two choices for each of us to decide between.  We will obey and serve one or the other.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of mankind, either are ignorant of this truth, or they prefer not to accept the truth.  But we will and do serve one or the other!  (Mt. 6:24, Mt. 7:13-14, Rom. 6:16, II Cor. 4:4)

To reveal this fact and bring it to the attention of many, people will open the teacher of this Truth for ridicule, resentment and even hatred from many.  As a reminder to those who are the called of God who have been exposed to the anger that comes with exposing evil that they crucified our Master for teaching truth.  (John 15:18) There are only two Kingdoms and two rulers of those Kingdoms.  For those who have followed after the god of this world and his kingdom, there is an escape from Satan’s bondage.  By the love and grace of Jesus Christ, you can be taken from the kingdom of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of Christ. (Col. 1:12-13)  Now doesn’t it make sense that while you were in Satan’s kingdom that you knowingly or unknowingly were his servant and that when you are brought into Christ’s Kingdom that you should serve Him?  He then becomes your King, you are His servant.  He redeemed you from Satan’s authority as we discussed earlier at a very high price that only He could pay.  Shouldn’t He then have the right and authority to allow you to go through trials and tribulations to be tried as by fire to mold His vessel for His glory and use?  And for our ultimate good?  (Rom. 8: 17-18 and verse 28)  In addition to being brought into His blessed Kingdom there is one more, huge added blessing and benefit that many do not know or understand.  In Phil. 3:20 we are told that our “conversation” is now in Heaven where our Saviour abides.  What many do not know is that the word “conversation” in this verse actually means citizenship!  Wow!  What wonderful knowledge!  We are now, as well as after our death here on earth a citizen of Heaven!  As the scriptures tell us, we are only sojourners in this world and ambassadors of Christ while we are here.  Hallelujah!

Now, with all these marvelous promises and blessings why do we still doubt that our Heavenly Father is not in complete and loving control of our lives no matter the circumstances we may be facing at any given time?  How comforting to know that He is in complete control and we are His children.

In closing, let me tell you that when you grow into the realization that when you “belong’ to God through Christ’s sacrifice that all things truly do work to our good that most people will not understand. Even many believers are not able to comprehend this beautiful blessing simply because they are unlearned, or are still carnally minded.  (I Cor. 3:1-2)

Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say REJOICE

In Christ’s Service,

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