The Man Who Will Save America

If you do not know Jovan Pulitzer, he is the clever high-tech inventor who demonstrated in live session of a state legislature how easy it was to tamper with voting machines…quite the amazing display…and right from his cell phone!


By Robert Mani, Los Angeles for

Reading that headline (which was printed by the Gateway Pundit on December 30, 2020), my thoughts turned to “How could anyone live up to such a media proclamation?” That headline hit its mark and grabbed my attention instantly. What red-blooded American boy or girl would not want to be the one to save their country in time of crisis?  However, the bigger question is American really in need of saving?  That headline sent me on a quest to interview of one of the world’s top inventors and technologists, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and try to find out what he was all about.

WARNING: In preparation for this article my first inclination from reading some obscure things online was to not like Jovan.  Some may be inclined to think he is an elite snob who looks down on everyone, but what I discovered in interviewing him, Jovan is the epitome of a down to earth fellow with tremendous talents and skills whose incredible spirit brings out the demons on people (and writers) who have never met him (his words not mine).

5 Tough Questions for Jovan

Five weeks is what it took me to finally connect with Jovan and get an interview approved.  To most people Jovan has one of those faces and voices which cause them to say to themselves “I know that guy but cannot remember why?” The reason for such vague familiarity to most of us, is he has been all over TV, in most major newspaper for decades.  However, most people do not know many of the functions on your mobile phone and other technology devices are his innovations and patents. My goal for my interview was to ask Jovan the five most challenging, transparent, and put-him-on-the-spot questions I could think of to find out if this “nerd invertor” really has the capability and ability to be “The man who will save America”?

Why Are You A Hate Magnet Online?

My opening question was designed to catch Jovan off guard and to shake him up a bit, but instead he laughed and shared some insight to the online rumor mill regarding him.

Jovan: “Lol, you read all that? Well, I sure hope they do not find out about me and Richard Gere and the fact it was my hamster! Now that would be something, I would not want the public to know”. Of course, Jovan was joking here and he has an infectious sense of humor. “I have the type of soul, drive or spirit if you will, that invariably the weakest ego in the room or the meeting will take offense to my can-do or get-it-done spirit. My spirit clashes with their poor self-worth and triggers their demons into attack mode.  One such regular detractor who is in the Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace and he blames me for his small local rag for not getting bought by the large media publisher in the area. Ever since then Tim manufactures all kinds of wild and dubiously worded articles about me. But hey, that is his job and people just pig out on fake news and manufactured stories.  If I help him keep his small job, then so be it. Everyone has a right to work”.

Are You Really A Failed Treasure Hunter?

One of the hatchet stories on Jovan positioned him as a “failed treasure hunter” so I pulled out the proverbial “Indiana Jones whip” and smacked Jovan with that one.

Jovan: “Not sure where the failed part comes from, but the History Channel once edited a video segment of me talking about the Ark of the Covenant.  Maybe that is where the failure suggestion comes from since no one has found the Ark of the Covenant, but I have never searched for it so that story is not real. The treasure hunting part comes from the countless lost history and lost treasure books I have authored and the fact I operate a professional exploration team who has worked all over the globe and done work for most of the network cable TV channels” My original time to interview Jovan was just 30 minutes, but he was so interesting and flexible me allowed me to talk “treasure” with him for a full 30 minutes before we got back to the interview. Talk about some amazing and exciting adventures, who would not want to hunt for lost cities and treasures. Seems to be a rich man’s endeavor, but maybe I could explore my state of NY (Jovan gave me two of his books on the State of New York).

Was CueCat a Colossal Commercial Failure?

Jovan: “When I see a blogger or journalist repeat the unfounded and ill-informed line “Worst Tech Product of All Time” it is a tell-tale sign it is a new writer who was not even around in those days (maybe they were a toddler) and they do not homework. Lazy media just regurgitates old urban legends about me. Remember, during CueCat’s time only 1 in 5 homes had a mobile phone and it was a single mobile phone to boot. There were not family users yet! So, I would ask you ‘If you gave away free almost 3 million peripheral devices, which was the fastest adopted computer peripheral of all time at the time in the dawn of the 2000’s and everybody used them’, would that be a failure? No, of course not.  Only 25% of homes even had the Internet or computer during CueCat’s time. Cuecat enabled, for the first-time, millions of people to be instantly directed to a single website in a single day (something which was not standard yet since internet advertising was just starting out). My company, like many others got caught up in the dot com bust. However, I went back bought out my patents from bankruptcy and now they are one of the most licensed internet/technology portfolios ever developed. Over 400 top technology and manufacturing companies have applied them to almost 12 billion mobile devices globally.  If that is the definition of a commercial failure, then I say everyone should aim for commercial failures!”

How Did You Come to Testify in The Senate Hearing on Elections?

Jovan: “Election and voting machines work by connecting machine readable codes to distant and cross verifying databases. In essence, these voting machines and many of the internet-based transactions you engage in daily use my Scan Commerce, Scan Connect and Scan Track patents. When I heard that people were complaining about the QR Codes be hacked (all machine-readable codes from Q Codes, UPC, ISBN, and others use my patent suite to operate) my Spidey sense started to tingle, and I took a deeper look”.  “While investigating the election I discovered many novel and unforeseen ways these voting machines could become compromised. This led to States, Senators, Congressmen and Lawmakers reaching out to me to help make sense of the irregularities. Therefore, most people started following my election integrity and voter verification work once I presented these facts initially for the Georgia Senate Subcommittee on Elections”.

A Large Portion of Voters Believe the American Election System Has Been Compromised. Can Voters Ever Gain Voter Confidence Once Again?

Jovan: “Regardless which political party an individual may belong to, everyone wants their vote to count.  This past 2020 general election created not only a Constitutional crisis in America, but also has shaken the confidence of million upon millions of people on both sides of the political spectrum. One of the novel ways was millions of ballots were printed out of alignment causing those ballots to be adjudicated after you voted (this means someone else decided what you intended to vote, but you were never notified – see photo). Regularly only 2% to 3% of votes need adjudicated, but this bad printing caused over 94% to be human adjudicated.  During this point in our interview the real serious and deep nature of Jovan came to the forefront. One could see the topic of election integrity is especially important to Jovan. “People may be forever tainted on both voting machines and mail-in voting.  When this happens to the scale it happened in 2020, millions upon millions of people may forever give up on voting.  This would be an American tragedy of monumental proportions. If people lose confidence in our American voting systems and procedures, then only half of voting eligible Americans vote as a result. Such would forever change the American blueprint and diversity of the American way of life.  This cannot be allowed to happen.  Thus, for me election integrity and vote verification are the only way to give American voters confidence back.”

“My technology development lab has already begun work on vote verification systems for verifying the totally of the 2020 general election and at the same time we are working with select states to create, engineer and implement new voting systems before 2022.  This issue is no longer about who is President. This is no longer about political parties but about the future of all Americans. I am doing this not only for all Americans but my children and grandchildren.”

At the end of the interview which lasted three times the time allotted with Jovan, I learned he really is a quite simple guy with a unique way of thinking about things. He is very funny, likable, and even though Jovan is politically opposite to me (my assumption since he does not say who he voted for) my mind has become concerned regarding the integrity of American election systems going forward. The day after conducting this interview I found myself staring at my two children who are 6 years old and 4 years old and imagining what America would look like if only one political party ever was to take 100% control of everything.  Such visions made me extremely nervous, but it also makes me take a much closer look at our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  What a wonderful job our Founding Fathers did in drafting our founding documents.

Jovan shared the quote below with me.  Following our interview and reflecting on it I came to recognize it as very insightful and prophetic.  Maybe you should reflect on it as well and if Jovan can develop new voting systems then possibly, he is 100% the man with the skills and acumen to save all that is great about America for us all!

“This country was founded on an amazing piece of paper – our Declaration of Independence, but our country could be undone by a simple piece of paper called a ballot. To me voting is an inalienable right and that ballot we vote on is a historic document which memorializes what Americas voters intended for America. If our ballots and elections fail us, America fails and if America fails the whole world fails” #JovanHuttonPulitzer

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