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The hardcore conservative, Trump supporter, and MyPillow magnate Mike Lindell is doubling down in his battle against all things unAmerican. I applaud this fellow’s dedication, patriotism, and outright guts!

Please support this fellow — I bought two pillows (though we do not need them).

By Patty McMurray for The Gateway Pundit

Mike Lindell appeared in a powerful interview on the Pete Santilli Show Tuesday night, where he explained how Dominion is lying about how he’s using his public fight to expose voter fraud to sell pillows.

100 Percent Fed Up – In his interview with Santilli, Lindell explains how the big box vendors like Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, and Wayfair, who have dropped his products over his decision to pursue the truth about voter fraud in America, “I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year that I won’t get back, OK?”

Mike Lindell blasted voting machine company Dominion for threatening anyone who mentions their name with a defamation lawsuit. Lindell explained to Santilli that everyone in the media wanted to talk to him until his “Absolute Proof” documentary on voter fraud was released on February 5th. After the release of his documentary, the media stopped contacting him. Now that Dominion is suing him, Mike claims the media again has a renewed interest in speaking with him, but only about the lawsuit.

Lindell explained how he is not in fear of the Dominion lawsuit, but instead, he is actually begging them to bring it on! “One of the things I want to say about the lawsuit—is I kept telling them, ‘Please sue me! Sue me!’ and now I’m saying, ‘Please serve me, because as soon as they serve me, I can actually take the evidence and put it in their reply to them, and then all the evidence will be public record. I have 100% proof!—Not 99% proof—100% evidence of everything that they did!” Lindell said.

Lindell asked Pete Santilli why Dominion is trying to prevent anyone from inspecting their machines? “If I’ve got somebody running around, saying, ‘They’ve got rocks and nails inside of a My Pillow,’ what am I gonna do as Mike Lindell, the My Pillow company?” he asked. “The first thing I’m gonna do is, ‘Hey everybody, come and look at My Pillow; there’s no rocks or nails inside, there’s my patented foam,” Lindell said. He mocked Dominion for their lack of transparency, “So, Dominion, instead of them saying, ‘Hey everybody, go in and look at our machines, and check it out, they’re legit—everything’s on the up and up,’ but they went the other way. Why would they do that?” he asked. Why would they go suing people so they would suppress them?” Lindell asked.

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“You can’t even say the word ‘Dominion’ out there without being sued!” Lindell told Santilli.

Mike looked directly at the camera and asked Dominion Voting Machines, “So Dominion, I ask you, what are you hiding?” Lindell told Santilli he “welcomes the lawsuit!” explaining how he’s putting “everything on the line” to expose massive voter fraud. “I would not go all in and risk everything I have—everything!” he said, adding, “I haven’t been able to see my grandchildren and nephews and nieces. I’ve had to stay away from Minnesota,” he said, explaining to Santilli that he’s putting his own life in danger, “I’m in physical danger!”

Lindell told Santilli that he’s had leaders of two countries who’ve called him to thank him for the work he’s doing.

Watch the incredible video here:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Vows To Counter-Sue Dominion AND Sue Big Tech & Media

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