Stunning Images Reveal Massive Commercial Jet Parking Lot Amid Travel Collapse

One obvious consequence of the Covid-inspired economic disaster is of course the destruction of the commercial airlines…


Pilot and photographer Jassen Todorov captured stunning images of hundreds of commercial jets parked in airfields across the US amid the downturn in air travel thanks to the virus pandemic, according to Daily Mail

Todorov’s images include billions of dollars worth of commercial jets parked at dusty airfields across the country. 

The images give light to new data from travel firm Cirium, who outlines in a recent report the number of single-aisle aircraft in service has plunged since the beginning of the year amid a flare-up of US COVID-19 cases and increased restrictions. 

Cirium’s data showed single-aisle aircraft in service fell below the 8.8k mark on Feb. 5, a drop of 15% compared with Jan. 3 figures. 

Following months of surging air travel numbers into the 2020 holiday season, US passenger volumes dove in late January to their lowest levels in six months. 

Todorov captured more pictures of commercial jets parked at airfields. It appears reopening optimism two months into vaccination rollouts has yet to bring a “V-shaped” recovery to the airline industry. 

Demand for used private jets is soaring as rich people do not want to fly first class anymore amid fears of being infected. 

On top of this all, remote working and teleconferencing have resulted in a permanent shift lower in business travel, which was the bulk of all travel. The pandemic is expected to keep commercial airlines in a state of depression for a few years. 

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