Mark Levin Takes No Prisoners as He Shreds Impeachment Trial as ‘One of the Stupidest Events in American History’

By Mike Miller | Feb 11, 2021 3:15 PM ET for RedState

Constitutional Attorney Mark Levin

Following Wednesday’s attempt by House managers to build a case that Donald Trump incited the Capitol riot, Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin absolutely went off on the Senate impeachment trial during an appearance on “Hannity.”

In addition to scorching “one of the stupidest events by some of the stupidest people in American history,” Levin also shredded the “rogue House,” “rogue Senate,” and “rogue trial” for going after Trump, whom he called “an innocent man at Mar-a-Lago.”

“First of all,” Levin began, “we are watching one of the stupidest events by some of the stupidest people in American history, and history will fix this.”

His first target was one of nine House managers prosecuting Trump, the intrepid Democrat congressman from California, Eric Swalwell.

“We have a man who slept with a Chinese spy as one of the House Democrat managers. “We have a man in Raskin, who was one of the most-loud opponents in one of the recent past elections of certifying the electors.

“We have a political party that cheered on Antifa and Black Lives Matter and called federal law enforcement storm troopers, and here they are bringing this Soviet-style case against the president of the United States.”

“Has there ever been … this many stupid members of Congress in your life?”, he asked. “The senators sit there, none of them walk out and say, I’m not going to participate in something so unconstitutional’?” Levin, who is also a constitutional lawyer, made the same case last week.

“The Senate has no authority, no jurisdiction whatsoever…The Constitution is clear from article one, section three, conviction know somebody who is in office, removal from office, and disqualification from future office.”

To Levin’s point, 45 Republican senators voted that impeachment of a former president is unconstitutional, yet they continue to participate in the trial.

Levin also not only questioned the notion of “insurrection” — the Democrats’ key buzzword to describe the riot — but the timing of the “insurrection,” if the storming of the Capitol on Jan 6 indeed qualified as such.

“So, let me get it straight, Raskin. So, the president of the United States was leading a militia, an insurrection against the very national guardsmen he called up. Now, does that make sense to anybody? No, that doesn’t make sense to anybody.

“And why would they wait until January 6 to have the insurrection? Well, they were going to count electors. Well, if you’re going to lead an insurrection, you don’t care if they’re counting electors or not.

“Why don’t you do it five days after the election? In fact, they haven’t even started counting the electors when this insurrection began, this attack on the capitol building.”

Levin also told Hannity the “evidence” presented by House managers against Trump would not be admissible in “any court in America.”

“Now, let me tell something to the American people — every single video that was introduced by Raskin and the other stooges on the left is inadmissible in any court in America, in any advanced society. They have no reliable information, no relevant guide of any kind to anything, period. It has — all of it is inflammatory.

“Affidavits signed by defendants that are drawn up by the lawyers making generalizations. Yes, I attacked and I committed crimes because I thought Trump was directing me, it doesn’t matter. The tooth fairy they could think directed them. That has no relevance. That would be inadmissible in a court of law.”

House managers on Wednesday attempted to make the case that Trump’s questioning of the election results from election night on — vs. just during his speech to supporters in front of the White House on Jan. 6 — was also to blame for the storming of the Capitol — which Levin called irrelevant from a legal perspective — and then some.

“Well, Donald Trump spent months, months raising the illegitimacy of this election, stolen election, allegations of fraud. That has absolutely no legal relevance either. If it did we should take crime tape and wrap it around the whole damn capitol building and apply it to every member of the House and Senate.”

“The Russia collusion crowd is back,” he said. “The liars, pathological liars are back. Just because they dress up as the congressmen and senators doesn’t much matter.” As if building a case against conviction in court, Levin asked:

“What is lacking here? All the talk and video, what’s lacking? Evidence.

“Where is the evidence that Trump worked with a single individual or single one of the groups? There is no evidence.

“Where is the evidence that anything he said in that speech resulted in the attack on that capitol? Lindsey Graham has said it. It was in “The New York Times” of all places. This was all preplanned.

“The FBI knew it might be coming. They were tipped off about it. There are many questions. What the hell did the FBI know and when did it know it?

“We know the sergeant of arms of the house was told by the former chief of the capitol police, you better get national guardsmen here and more help. What did he do? Nothing. Did he tell Nancy Pelosi? That would be a good question.

“Not only that, the sergeant of arms of the Senate was told. Who does that person report to? Reported to McConnell. What did McConnell know? What did they do?”

As Levin wrapped up his diatribe,

“What’s happening here in the Senate a disgrace. You don’t have a right. I don’t care what scholars say, my friend Ted Cruz says or anybody else.

You cannot impeach a private citizen. You cannot have a trial of a private citizen. You don’t have the power to prohibit a private citizen, a former public official from running again.

“We have a rogue impeachment, a rogue House, a rogue Senate, a rogue trial, and we have an innocent man at Mar-a-Largo who deserves a hell of a lot better than this. This is a disgrace. A disgrace. That’s it.”

As House managers continued to press their case against Trump on Thursday, Rep. Julian Castro (D-TX) attempted to make the case that the storming of the Capitol was “a threat to national security.” Of course, it was. [sarc]

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