GOP Senator: Mr. Biden, You’re Creating a COVID Nightmare By Allowing Hordes of Illegals To Enter the Country

This impostor president continues to make the stupidest moves…he is a traitor!

By Matt Vespa for Townhall

Our own Julio Rosas has been at the border since Joe Biden decided to reverse course on Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement agenda. Needless to say, things are about to change for the worse down there. Mr. Biden has been on an executive order kick. Should we call him King Joseph of Delaware? I don’t know, but Rosas noted that there is a looming immigration crisis that’s about to hit this administration as hordes of illegal aliens continue to march toward our southern border. He’s setting the ground for the floodgates to open for illegal aliens, but also drafting new COVID restrictions for American citizens. It’s backward.

As Biden has made tackling COVID his main issue supposedly, he’s bound to cause a spike in cases along these border areas that do not have the resources to provide adequate care to anyone. This seems like a situation that can be avoided by merely enforcing our immigration laws and agreements, especially the Migrant Protection Protocols. This is known as the “Remain in Mexico” program, which prevents migrants from entering the country until their asylum declarations are assessed. 

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and other Senate Republicans sent a letter to President Biden that he’s setting himself up to detonate a massive COVID bomb regarding infections and possible deaths if he doesn’t reconsider his direction on immigration policy. 

“As we write this letter, main streets across America are shuttered, millions of parents can’t go to work, and children are kept from school. In a nation where everything seems closed, our border is now open. In violation of the law and common sense, your administration is allowing large numbers of unvetted and likely unvaccinated illegal aliens to enter our nation,” reads the letter.

The GOP Senators add, “This is the beginning of what could rapidly turn into a public health and humanitarian disaster. If illegal immigration continues to surge as a result of your policies, our detention facilities will be overwhelmed, and pandemic precautions would be difficult or impossible to maintain. Not only would this greatly endanger the American public, but the migrants themselves would face increased potential for viral spread.”

Finally, they use Biden’s own words about COVID, noting the 465,000 Americans who have died and how we’re about to enter a dark winter regarding this fight. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, remember that? I also remember a detailed and science-oriented plan to fight this virus that is wholly different from Donald Trump’s agenda. It’s not really. In fact, Biden, who pledged to wipe out the virus if elected, now says we can’t do anything for most of this year. The one thing we do have is a vaccine, thanks to President Donald J. Trump. Regarding the death toll and the doom and gloom projections Biden articulated, the letter ends with GOP Senators issuing one last warning about the recklessness of this administration’s immigration orders.

“We can’t afford for you to create a crisis at the border or cause an increase in COVID-19 cases due to increased illegal immigration. We urge you to quickly reassess and rescind your administration’s reckless immigration actions and focus instead on protecting the American people. Open our economy and our schools, not our border.”

We’ll see what happens. There’s only so much he can do before he taps out for his afternoon nap. 

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