Goal Within Reach: Efforts To Recall CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Speed Ahead (and more!)

Here a huge YAY! from us in Commiefornia who want this satanic tyrant disposed of as soon as possible. There is a second article after this one…

By Michelle Edwards for UncoverDC

The grassroots effort underway to gather enough signed petitions to put a measure to recall Governor Gavin Newsom on the California state ballot is almost sure to succeed. With more than a month until the Mar. 17 deadline, the group needs 1.497 million signatures and currently has gathered over 1.4 million. 

UncoverDC spoke with Randy Economy, Senior Advisor for the RecallGavin2020.com campaign. Economy, who is upbeat and full of energy, has advised more than 300 political campaigns, working with Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. He explained that the hands-on campaign is inspiring, and he is proud to be part of a mission that is making history in CA. According to Economy, the movement will succeed because all of Newsom’s failed policies are coming to light.

Already unhappy with Newsom’s failure to address the state’s homeless population and his support of sanctuary city policies and water rationing, when the coronavirus fear hit, Californians were expecting clear guidance from Newsom, who gave daily, sometimes hourly, press conferences that pre-empted every station in the state, telling residents to “stay home for a month and the virus will go away.” Now, almost a year later, the virus is still dictating daily life, and millions of jobs are gone. 

On November 6, when California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) sat down for a fancy dinner party at the tony Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry, the state was in the midst of a COVID-19 surge. Newsom and other state officials were emphasizing the importance of following social distancing rules and wearing face masks in public places, as mandated by an order that the governor issued in June. Photo/KTTV

Economy explained that the hardest hit by Newsom and his failed policies are the small mom and pop business owners, like the little restaurant in East LA, South San Francisco, or Oakland, who have lost everything. Businesses and schools have been closed for almost a year. And now, with hospital mismanagement and a botched COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the movement has spread beyond conservatives and continues to gain momentum. 

Under the state’s constitution, the people have the power to take the government into their own hands when needed, and that is what they are doing. Economy said there is not one specific reason for the need to recall Newsom. In fact, the “Reasons to Recall” section of the website lists over 60 reasons. Calling the campaign a “rags to riches” story that needs to be told, he said, “there is not one reason, there are dozens and dozens, and it is not political. CA is a ‘hot mess,’ and this is a real one-and-only kind of opportunity to hit the reset button and get this fixed. Not by political operatives or slick politicians, but by the volunteer groups on this campaign.”  

Photo/LA Times

Fueled by regular Californians, the recall campaign is straightforward and fully transparent. Economy described it as “old school politics with no voting machines” to add any uncertainty. People go to the website, download the petition, print it out, sign it, get neighbors to sign too, and mail it back in. Fifty-eight different county registrars up and down the state serve as election officials. Every petition goes to a third-party vendor before being turned in to the registrars to ensure accuracy and validity. Economy said their current signature count is correct and noted that the CA Secretary of State’s website lists the count significantly lower, which isn’t surprising given that it is a government-run site. 

When asked about Nathan Fletcher’s recent comments saying the Californian citizens leading the recall effort “are linked in association with neo-Nazi, with white supremacists, with right-wing militia groups,” Economy chuckled and said he must be “drinking his own bathwater.” He described Fletcher, who issued a resolution declaring racism as a public health crisis in San Diego, as out of touch with what is happening in the state.

As previously reported by UncoverDC, Newsom recently declared that restaurants in California were allowed to re-open. Many questioned whether the governor’s decision was an attempt to slow down the recall campaign. Economy believes that is the case, noting that Newsom advisors Jim DeBoo and Dee Dee Myers most likely told him to reverse course and make the decision. Myers and DeBoo joined Newsom’s team in December as he entered the second half of his term amid a brutal stretch of the pandemic and as he tried to overcome recent political stumbles.

Since 1911, there have been 55 attempts to recall a sitting California governor. This recall is the fifth in a series of six recall petitions filed against Newsom. If supporters turn in enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election, the additional procedural steps dictate that the election will occur within four to six months. With election fraud on the minds of many Americans across the country, it is inspiring that the people of California, amidst a “Gavin Newsom lockdown,” are taking matters into their own hands, going door to door, putting up tables, chairs, and pop-up tents, and exercising their constitutional right to assure their voices are heard.


RNC Hurls Serious Curveball At Ultra-Leftist Governor

By   Eric Quintanar for American Examiner

The Republican National Committee is injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the effort to recall first-term California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) from office.

According to Politico, the RNC will be partnering with the California Republican Party, and will donate $250,000 to the recall effort. As part of the effort, the GOP will also invest in text banking and a digital operation to encourage voters to sign on to the effort.

“Gov. Newsom’s authoritarian measures, blatant overreach and complete mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic have proven that he is woefully unqualified to lead the state of California,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Politico in a statement Thursday. “It is time the people use their constitutional recourse to remove him from power.”

The recall effort has gradually been attracting a national profile, particularly in recent weeks, as organizers have been getting closer to hitting the number of signatures required to force Californians to vote on Newsom well ahead of the 2022 election.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki observed that President Joe Biden opposes any efforts to recall Newsom, even as the California governor has refused to use the word “recall” himself in his various appearances, according to Politico.

In order for the recall effort to go before voters, organizers must submit enough signatures to equal 12% of the number of Californians who voted in the last election, and the signatures must be verified by the California Secretary of State’s office. To recall Newsom from office, organizers will need 1.5 million signatures before March 17, 2021.

A spokesperson for the recall campaign plans to update the public on the number of signatures that have been gathered on Friday, according to Fox News Los Angeles reporter Elex Michaelson. Tom Del Beccaro, chair of Rescue California, an organization that has been assisting in the recall effort, has said that the 1.5 million signature threshold has been reached, but that they want an additional 400,000 signatures to prepare for verification.

Recall effort organizers, however, have denied that they’ve received more than 1.5 million signatures, and called on people to not become “complacent and overconfident.”

Various Republican candidates have already expressed interest in running against Newsom should the recall effort make it to the ballot. One of the candidates, John Cox, is Newsom’s 2018 Republican gubernatorial opponent, who has said the problems he ran to fix in 2018 have only gotten worse.

“The state is in crisis,” Cox told Inside California Politics in an interview. “It’s kind of the things I talked about during the run in 2018. Housing and homelessness are worse, but now we have the pandemic and the mismanagement that’s gone on during this whole thing.”

“We’ve got small businesses that have been crushed, while Costco and Home Depot and big chains are doing just fine. We also have our kids being kept out of school and being kept out of activities,” added Cox.

Kevin Faulconer, the former Republican mayor of San Diego, has also declared himself as a candidate, and has been endorsed by a majority of the Republican lawmakers in both the California assembly and the California senate.

“Parents across California are fed up, and they are demanding that their kids be back in school. This is a movement to decide whether we stay in the past, with Governor Newsom’s one-party rule, or we embrace a new future,” said Faulconer in his announcement speech.

“We are going to decrease homelessness, not condone it. We’re going to support your job, not destroy it. We’re going to let you keep more of what you earn, not tax it. We’re going to lead the California comeback,” he said.

On the other hand, California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Koulanakis (D), the highest-ranking executive in Newsom’s chain of command, has issued an apparent warning shot directed toward Democrats who may be considering a Newsom challenge.

“Governor Newsom does not deserve to be recalled. And I think it would be shameful for any Democrat to put their name on the ballot to replace them, myself included,” Kounalakis told Fox News in a statement. “The focus of the Governor, and everyone in elected office right now, should be on vaccinations, getting kids back to school, and people back to work.”

Only two governors in U.S. history have ever been recalled: Lynn Frazier, the former governor of North Dakota, was recalled in 1921, and Gray Davis, the former governor of California, was recalled in 2003.

Davis, who was succeeded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, believes Newsom has been dealt a poor hand, politically speaking. However, he also doesn’t think that the recall effort will ultimately succeed, even if it makes it to the ballot.

“There’s no charismatic leader,” Davis told Spectrum News 1 in a recent interview. “There’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Back in 2003, Davis faced off against dozens and dozens of opponents, including his own Democratic lieutenant governor. Voters ultimately recalled Davis by a margin of more than 10 points. Schwarzenegger received 48% of the vote, Davis’ lieutenant governor received 31%, and then-State Senator Tom McClintock won 13% of the vote. Larry Flint, the late publisher of Hustler Magazine, another Democratic candidate, placed seventh and received the second-most votes of any other Democrat in the race.

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