From Arutz Sheva, Israel’s National News, Comes This: There is a Heavenly Plan for You, Donald Trump

By Cindy Grosz

Trump supporters

I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories and certainly do not support those who violently stormed the Capitol. I don’t even respect some of his supporters, but I do believe that Donald J. Trump is no ordinary leader, and definitely not a four year phenomenon.

Donald John Trump also isn’t perfect. We all could have used less tweets. It has been proven that in order to build his base, he endorsed candidates “pushed” by the establishment rather than his gut choices. Kelli Ward versus John McCain come to mind in the 2016 Arizona senate primary against John McCain. In February 2018, Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for Senate. We both know what disasters followed.

Many of us from both parties know voter fraud is nothing new. Democrats for years complained about it way before that famous escalator ride on Fifth Avenue near the corner of 57th Street in New York in 2015.

We do know of the Democratic Party cheating in 2016 to deprive Bernie Sanders of the presidential nomination. The world watched a Jewish Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resign with disgrace from her leadership role within the DNC after emails from the Democratic National Committee were leaked which suggested that many DNC staffers expressed support for Hillary Clinton in the primary campaigns while criticizing the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Donna Brazile gave debate questions before the event to Clinton for a CNN town hall while in her role as a Democratic operative and the DNC vice chair. Both women never went through hearings or loss of income or attacks on their families.

The real question of voter fraud lies within state legislatures and Boards of Elections. Only once both parties work together for more transparency, accountability and fairness will voters trust our current system.

Are conspiracy theories new? How many more documentaries will people watch regarding the murder of President Kennedy or how President Franklin D. Roosevelt deceived the American people about Pearl Harbor or his knowledge of the famous letter of 1901 in which Franklin Pierce warned against a Jesuit conspiracy to unite church and state and take over the world. He blamed the assassination of William McKinley on the conspiracy and asks President Roosevelt to safeguard himself. Will we ever get answers and actions against those who are tied to current email, Russia and China conspiracies?

The question then is—why is President Donald J. Trump treated differently? Why is the opposition, and this time the opposition includes members of all parties, so determined to destroy him, his family and his followers?

Let’s look back to our heroes. Two come to mind immediately, Moses and Theodore Herzl. Could you imagine what Jewish history would look like without these two heroes? In their time, they stood alone and faced opposition, even from their own people.

Today, less than a month into the Biden-Harris administration we know these facts:

  • While there are Jews from all religious affiliations and backgrounds in the current administration, few actually prioritize – and some are detrimental to – the issues that American Jews support and recognize the Israeli concerns that the Trump administration successfully worked on.
  • President Biden is acting more like a one-person dictator than a “president of the people” by signing a record number of executive orders.
  • People in the United States are scared, uncertain, especially in states run by Democrats. Crime is up, job security is questionable, COVID is still a crisis with no end in sight and people are targeted for using their first amendment right of freedom of speech.
  • It’s OK for Democratic elected officials to protect themselves with law enforcement, the military, arms and guns and a wall, but it is not good enough for the borders of Israel and the United States according to these same politicians.
  • President Biden has redefined the importance of religion and life. Catholics and abortion mix like oil and water.

Let’s face it. We need a Moses, we need a Herzl. Kamala Harris is no Golda Meir. Dr. Jill Biden is no Queen Esther.

On her very first working day as First Lady of the United States, Dr. Biden met with Randi Weingarten. Weingarten, a Jew, has prioritized Black Lives Matter over fighting for Israel. It is under her leadership, first as the head of the New York Teacher’s Union and now as head of the national American Federation of Teachers, that hate for Jews and Israel started.

I will never forget receiving a letter from a union representative in 2006 complaining to Weingarten about a professional development in a Bronx school blaming Jews for controlling all the money and hurting blacks. With lessons like these being taught in public schools for several decades, it is any wonder why groups like Black Lives Matter exist? Now, with a new curriculum teaching the importance of Black Lives Matter, what more hate will be drilled into the minds of seven and ten year old children?

Again, in 2015-2016, then candidate Trump promised to eliminate the Board of Education. Pressure from the RINOS changed that. Could you imagine if a Trump plan of school choice and more remote teaching was in place during the 2020-2021 pandemic? Weingarten would have no place to complain about student depression or teacher safety. Students would actually be learning and merit would define success.

Education is the number one area where opinions and actions determine a future.

So, how does this relate to my original sentence—there is a heavenly plan for you, Donald J. Trump

Your leadership deserves more than one or two terms.

Your trusted team has the voices of reason and law. From Senators Josh Harley and Ted Cruz to people like Mark Levin and Tom Fitton.

Yes, there is a minority among your supporters that doesn’t follow your example. And they should be punished like anyone else who breaks the law.

But, even as we go into a questionable impeachment where you were allowed no defense in a House of Representatives and are not having a judge from the Supreme Court head the Senate part, you, President Trump are nominated for a Nobel Peace prize.

The best thing to happen to former President Trump is being off Twitter. Everyone is guessing his next move. I suggest you read his bestseller, Art of the Comeback.

Donald J. Trump, you will be back and because your presidency was not for two consecutive terms, your leadership ability will last longer and stronger. Your popularity among the new Republicans and conservatives has never been higher. The proof is in the disapproval ratings of people like Liz Cheney, Brian Kemp and others who speak out against you. The opportunity to find RINOS versus true Republicans has never been better.

Those who stand alone now are never forgotten in the future. They also last more than eight years.

Most of the 74 million are anxiously awaiting your future. And it’s all in a bigger plan.

Cindy Grosz is an award-winning pro-Israel and Education activist. She works on exposing corruption in schools, improving oversight on classroom curriculum and ending anti-Semitism in education situations. She also helps educators fight discrimination in the hiring and firing practices of school staff.

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