CDC Double Mask “Study” A Perfect Example of Politicized Junk “Science”

Otherwise known as bullsh*t. The CDC and the medical shysters can kiss my mask. Lying sacks of manure…

(Natural News) The latest trend in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fashion is to wear not just one but two masks over the nose and mouth, which the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims provides improved protection against infection. The CDC “evidence” that supposedly proves this, however, is based on mask experiments that were conducted on mannequins.

As revealed by journalist Jordan Schachtel, writing for The Dossier on Substack, the CDC basically slapped different mask configurations on lifeless dolls, sprayed aerosols at them, and declared wearing multiple masks to help decrease the spread of Chinese virus by “about 95%.”

Presenting this junk “science” on Twitter, which did not bother to fact-check any of it, the CDC alleges that wearing a cloth mask over a medical procedure mask, or covering a mask with pantyhose, may “potentially” help to reduce infectious aerosols from going into the mouth or nose.

“The ‘study,’ which occurred in January, was nothing more than a handful of experiments on mannequins in a contained environment,” Schachtel notes. “No human beings were involved in this study. And yes, it was that simple. The CDC sprayed aerosols at mannequins and slapped a science™ label on their experiments.

CDC admits double masking can “impede breathing” and “obstruct peripheral vision”

Among the many problems with this so-called study is the fact that it directly contradicts the Danish mask study, an actual study involving actual human beings that found masks to be completely useless at preventing the spread of viruses.

“A proper study on the efficacy of masks needs to be a randomized controlled trial involving human beings in their normal settings – such as the Danish mask study that showed there is no evidence that masks do anything to prevent COVID-19 – and not mannequins in a laboratory,” Schachtel says.

Another problem with the CDC’s “study” is that the mannequin wearing a double mask, as seen in photos, was barely able to “see” over the top of the masks. Had that configuration been put on the face of a real human in a real-life scenario, he or she likely would not have been able to function, let alone see.

The most obvious problem with the “findings” is that the more barriers one puts over the mouth and nose, the harder it becomes to breathe in oxygen. Those who wear two or more masks for prolonged periods of time can expect to suffer serious oxygen deficiency in the form of hypoxia.

Unlike mannequins, real human beings have to both see and breathe in order to function. Had real humans been used in the CDC experiment, they likely would have passed out from oxygen deprivation, and possibly suffered permanent health damage from suffocation.

“It’s already been downloaded to the NPCs,” lamented one commenter on Schachtel’s article. “It’s only a matter of time until it’s full-blown policy in most places.”

“I’ve already seen a handful of people at my workplace donning them. Just ridiculous, this is never going to end, they are going to keep pushing us to see how far we’ll let them go. And it’s clear we’re going to let them take everything – our freedom, livelihood, and dignity.”

Another pointed out that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) has not even been isolated in such a way as to prove its existence, let alone proven to spread via aerosols. The whole thing is bizarrely nonsensical and based on blind faith in what the “authorities” claim is true, and increasingly more people are starting to see through the sham.

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