Biden Caught In Another Big Lie

How is it possible that the most corrupted piece of crap walking the face of the Earth has become president? And we put up with this zombie impostor puppet? Not for long!

By Joe Hoft Published February 23, 2021 at 8:00am for The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden can’t help himself.  He lies about everything. For Pete’s sake, he’s playing President after stealing the election after all.  But yesterday he lied again and he simply didn’t have to. 

Biden put on a strange press conference yesterday at the White House.  He claimed that there are now more than 500,000 deaths due to the China coronavirus (COVID) in the US since the virus was first released by China.  It’s doubtful that he ever mentioned China.  But what he did say is that there are now more than 500,000 reported deaths due to COVID.

We’ve refuted these numbers over the past year.  In one post we pointed out that the CDC claimed that only 6% of the deaths counted as COVID deaths were related to the China coronavirus only.  The rest were deaths with COVID, not caused only by COVID.  This post woke up America to the bogus reporting of the China coronavirus in our country:

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We also reported that because the number of deaths reportedly due to the China coronavirus are questionable, that the real measurement to see the impact of COVID on the US was to compare total deaths in 2020 to prior years.  So we did this and found out that the number of deaths did not change materially between years with the exception of New York and New Jersey.

These two states, run by Democrat governors, mandated COVID patients be placed in nursing homes and similar facilities and this caused a massive increase in deaths as a result:

Despite evidence showing the China coronavirus is not even close to the mortality rates of the Spanish flu and other diseases and pandemics throughout history, the Democrats and Joe Biden continue to promote the fallacy that this coronavirus was so bad that Americans’ rights needed to be removed by the government.  This of course is unprecedented and a lie.

But that wasn’t enough, Biden slurred his way through this claim:

Today we mark a truly grim, heartbreaking milestone – 500,071 dead.  That’s more Americans who’ve died in one year from this pandemic than in World War I, ‘Wo Wa II’ and the Vietnam War combined.”

The problem is this is not true.  According to Wikipedia, the US lost 116,516 Americans in World War I, 405,399 in World War II, and 58,209 in the Vietnam War.  These total to over 580,000 Americans.

Biden can’t talk, he can’t count but he sure can lie, even when he doesn’t have to.

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