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Should you be interested, here is a source of Biblically-based broadcasts…VOM Radio…

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What Listeners Say About VOM Radio
Listeners around the world are inspired when they hear directly from persecuted Christians and gospel workers in hostile and restricted nations. Here’s what listeners say about VOM Radio:

“I consider the VOM podcast service to be the most important link I have to the persecuted church around the world. These firsthand accounts and interviews are far more valuable and informative than any traditional news network and serve as my primary means for knowing [how to pray] for persecuted believers around the world.”–APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW

You, too, can be inspired by the stories of persecuted Christians each week when you listen to VOM Radio.

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More Listener Comments:
“This is hands down my favorite podcast. 10/10. VOM brings awareness of how God is powerfully moving today. The stories they share prepare me to pray with a better focus. I’m praying for movements and peoples I will never see. I’m praying for things that aren’t just talk, but are real, powerful, and Holy Spirit filled.”–APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW

This podcast always reminds me about the awesomeness of God and how He wants people of every tribe and every nation to know Him and be saved. The stories shared on VOM radio challenge me in my personal faith and create a greater hunger to see the nations reached. 10/10. Recommended for every believer.”–APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW

“Hearing stories and news of believers around the world and how God allows them to suffer for Him and also experience great victories for Him encourages and inspires me in my walk with Christ, and helps me pray around the world.”–APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW

“This episode gives me fellowship with other believers from all over the world. It brings me the Word and challenges for application. And it helps me in prayer. What wonderful fuel for my zeal for the Lord! … The global bride of Christ is beautiful; thank you for connecting us together. All praise to Jesus!”–APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW

I listened to VOM Radio out of curiosity once and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for opening my eyes to God’s hand outside of the USA and especially in the persecuted Church. It has been challenging and uplifting.”–APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW

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