‘Very Healthy’ Miami Obstetrician, 56, Dies 16 Days After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine & More!

Beware the poison jab! It is virtually untested on humans! You are the guinea pigs!

MIAMI BEACH, Florida, January 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A “very healthy” 56-year-old obstetrician has died 16 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

According to his widow, Heidi Neckelmann, Gregory Michael, MD, who practiced at Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC), was in good physical shape, active, and had no pre-existing conditions prior to receiving the vaccine on December 18, 2020.

Three days later, he noticed severe broken blood vessels on his feet and hands which prompted him to seek immediate medical attention at MSMC.

There, according to the DailyMail, he was diagnosed with ITP, also known as severe thrombocytopenia. Under this condition “the immune system mistakes platelets for foreign objects and instructs the spleen to destroy them,” and thus too, their function of helping the blood to clot in prevention of bleeding.

Though remaining in the hospital for ongoing attention, Michael died suddenly on Sunday, January 3, from “a hemorrhagic stroke caused by the lack of platelets,” Neckelmann lamented on her Facebook page.

“In my mind his death was 100 percent linked to the vaccine. There is no other explanation,” she said.

“He was in very good health. He didn’t smoke, he drank alcohol once in a while but only socially. He worked out, we had kayaks, he was a deep sea fisherman.”

“They tested him for everything you can imagine afterwards, even cancer, and there was absolutely nothing else wrong with him,” she said.

According to News4JAX, the Florida’s Department of Health referred the case to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for investigation. A CDC spokesperson said “they will evaluate the situation as more information becomes available and provide timely updates on what is known and any necessary actions.”

Pfizer acknowledged they were aware of Michael’s “highly unusual” death and were investigating it further. Their spokesman added, however, “We don’t believe at this time that there is any direct connection to the vaccine.”

The death of Dr. Michael, a father of one, comes in the wake of many concerns regarding coronavirus vaccines, which have been rushed through the process of development, testing, approval, and now distribution, with a new “messenger RNA” technology, no industry-standard animal trials, nor any sufficient studies on long-term effects.

Indeed, in early December, a former vice president and Chief Scientist at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, petitioned for the halting of all testing of coronavirus vaccine candidates in Europe due to the significant safety concerns of a growing number of renowned scientists.

These concerns included “allergic” and “potentially fatal reactions,” risks that these vaccines may cause infertility in women, result in an increased vulnerability to the virus, and present unacceptable dangers of long-term effects due to a lack of proper testing.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also drew up a document this fall listing the possible side-effects from a COVID-19 vaccine, including strokes, encephalitis, auto-immune disease, birth defects, Kawasaki disease, and death.

Present reports reveal that hundreds of individuals injected with these vaccines have been admitted to the hospital while high rates of health care workers continue refusing to receive them.

According to his grieving widow, Dr. Gregory “was a pro vaccine advocate” and that is why he chose to receive the vaccine himself.

Ms. Neckelmann concluded her public Facebook announcement by saying that she believes “people should be aware that side effects can happen,” that the vaccine “is not good for everyone and in this case destroyed a beautiful life, a perfect family, and has affected so many people in the community.

“Do not let his death be in vain please save more lives by making this information news,” she said.

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