To Vice-President Pence

If you are familiar with the Electoral Commission of 1876, then you know how the disputed election between Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes played out. A commission of 5 senators, 5 house members, and 5 justices was empaneled to review the evidence of three crucial states’ election outcomes.

Now from I what I understand, this same idea may be used as a “compromise” situation, seemingly suggested by senator Cruz of Texas, that vice-president Pence has bought into…and why Pence has stated he will participate in the disputation of the recent 2020 election debacle.

As mentioned by Mike Adams of Brighteon, it appears that such a maneuver is ostensibly a stall tactic, one intended to frustrate agitated patriots and quell their anger and willingness to take immediate action, not to mention give the lefties more time to do their evil dirt. I agree with Mr. Adams’ assessment. There has never been a government commission of any kind, at least in my life of 65 years, that has proven to be honest and worthy. The JFK commission was bogus, the 9-11 commission was bogus, and so on…all subterfuge and lies…Lord knows how we have been lied to over the years! So I say, NO COMMISSION.

Mr. Vice-President! Take assertive action now! Take the bull by the horns! No more bullsh*t!! Either choose the real winner or toss those swing states’ delegates completely out. If you are truly a man of God, you know the proper course. So have a pair, have a soul, have a proper heart, be an American patriot, and act accordingly!

If you do not, may the Lord have mercy on your soul.

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