Senators Pledging to Object to the Electoral Count on January 6

If you do not see your senator’s name here, you can conclude they support the cheating and fraud we witnessed in the debacle called the 2020 election. You can further conclude they will be washed away when president Trump is re-elected.

In addition to these senators, there are about 140 members of the House of Representatives willing to do the right thing and stand up for the truth and the American way. To hell with the rest of them. They will be primaried out in 2022.

Here are the patriots eligible to be in the new American Patriot party:

Senator Josh Hawley – Missouri – has already said he will object

The Cruz faction

 Senator Ted Cruz  – Texas 

Senator Ron Johnson – Wisconsin

Senator James Lankford – Oklahoma

Senator Steve Daines – Montana

Senator John Kennedy – Louisiana

Senator Marsha Blackburn – Tennessee

Senator Mike Braun – Indiana

Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis – Wyoming

Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville – Alabama

Senator-elect Bill Hagerty – Tennessee

Senator-elect Roger Marshall – Kansas

 *Senators-elect will be sworn in as senators on Sunday January 3, and will be eligible to vote on January 6 

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