Pre-Phony Inauguration Rant

I just cannot get it through my thick skull how
anyone could let this illegal election theft stand.

I just cannot believe that president Trump will
merely walk quietly into the sunset, defeated by
a satanic oligarchy of greedy liars, unethical cheats,
and anti-American power-mongers when 80+
million Americans support him.

I just cannot believe that the good people around
the globe will merely sit there and do nothing as
the last bastion of freedom, the United States,
plunges into darkness.

I just cannot believe that the powers of oppression,
be they media, medicine, academia, commerce or
government can be allowed to shackle the human
population without regard for their freedom
of expression, health and welfare.

I just cannot believe how an infinite God, who
blessed our country with so much, could ignore
the faithful amongst us by forsaking our nation.

No. There IS an infinite Creator God whose
justice will be served. Indeed, there are many evil
Americans of power very deserving of judgment.

It is His purpose I serve. It is His Word that
I listen. It is He in whom I trust.

Life would be pointless without Him.

Keep The Faith. Hold The Line. Be Brave.
Praise The Lord! The Good Guys Win!

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