Wednesday Rant

By now, if you have been paying any kind of attention to any other media news sources besides the globalist-controlled ones, you know that there have been many, many serious improprieties disclosed regarding the recent general election.

The amount of evidence supporting a fraudulent election is incredibly staggering. I have posted a number of summaries on FarceBook and here on my blog,, so that you can kind of bring yourself up to speed on such evidence.

Since I am now retired, I have had lots of time to read, research, discuss, analyze data, and so forth, and have come to conclusions that support the hypothesis that widespread fraud and cheating has taken place in probably every state in the country, your country.

I do not wish to quote you chapter and verse here. But I do wish to reach out to those people who voted for Mr. Biden and think he won the election fair and square. I imagine the great majority of you believe what the mainstream media has told you. I can understand this. All of us, in my generation, grew up trusting the msm for honest, objective news reporting.

Alas, that just is not so any more. And if you are truly fair and objective, you know that is absolutely true. The msm has become the mouthpiece of the globalist agenda and all the evil they entail. They wish to remove your freedoms, your free speech, and for the eventual destruction of the United States of America, your country.

I would ask you to turn off your television, to look at the evidence, to think for yourselves, to try and understand the motivations of the parties involved, and see if you can be totally honest with yourself and others.

If you feel comfortable doing so, I would ask you to pray for our great nation, the one we pledge is “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


In response to someone, I wrote

I do not watch Fox. I do not watch TV at all. Occasionally I will listen to a commentator (not those). I do read a LOT, and research some, and do indeed come to my own independent conclusions. I choose my words very carefully and attempt to make my meaning crystal clear.
And if my conclusions sound like others’ who make sense , then it is a welcome coincidence.

Your responses are very much like the typical lefty, talk about being predictable. It is all
about emotion and TDS and attacks on the messenger, but no real facts, no interest in
actual issues, no presentation of anything worthy of discussion. Just anger and attitude mostly.

You have not made, or even attempted to post, a single contradiction of any
of the evidence I have listed in prior postings. Why is that? And more comes out
every single day. Daily, people are blowing the whistle on the outright fraud they
witnessed. The number of sworn affidavits are in the many hundreds so far.

If you are interested in getting a more well-rounded opinion, I suggest looking at the
forty-five or so sources I have listed on my blog, even actually including MSM.
I have others but promised not to divulge them publicly.

As I mentioned in the OP, I understand how the general public, especially those in our
generation, have been taught to trust ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., but the truth is they cannot
be trusted any longer. CNN was exposed just today for being terribly based in their
“news” coverage. My mom will not believe that channel 4 is lying to her. Oh well.

I have been a conspiracy realist for about forty years. I have often spoken of and written on
everything from UFOs to the New World Order cabals to free energy to a cashless society to mind control, and much more, all becoming reality in our lifetime. Now, finally much of that is coming to the fore. So you can call names if you like, and make fun if you like. You give me an
opportunity to get you to see a little deeper, a little more profoundly, and hopefully help
you develop your God-given wisdom.

Lastly, you do know your Bible, don’t you? And you know what’s coming? Good.

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