Rant: If The Candidates Were Switched

A friend of mine commented what would happen if it were Trump cheating on the election, calling himself the winner, and people called him out on it and how the Trump supporters would call them names and such, to which I replied…

If it were switched around, it would be the story of the century and every mainstream news program would be all over it, every single broadcast of every single day. Instead of covid, covid, covid (the other scam of the century) you would hear nothing but that.

Please turn your TV off and do your own research. I have well over fifty sources on my blog to begin with…If you wish to accept this blatant cheat, that’s up to you. The evidence, if one looks at it objectively, *screams* cheating and fraud…not to mention what an outright fraud Joke Xiden is…

If young people like yourself buy into this madness, you won’t get to be my age. And it won’t be in the America you want. You know me and you know I have no agenda and nothing to gain by my soapboxing. But I will not be a party to unGodly madness. The Lord will not allow it.

Please understand how much is at stake here. You are being lied to. Nearly everywhere you look. Nearly everywhere. Don’t believe the deception.

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