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A long-time friend posted an intriguing essay called The Case Against Trump. Here is my reply.

Indeed president Trump is obviously no saint. He is certainly a sinner.

So am I. So are you. So is everyone. We humans are full of nasty habits and moral foibles. And as Jesus said in John 8:7, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…”

Just about as long as I have able to vote, I have voted “against” what I perceived to be the greater evil. Such was the case in 2016 and such is the case now. I voted libertarian in 2012 and voted for Ross Perot as well for the reason I mentioned.

American politics has been so very dysfunctional for so very long. This fellow represented a sea change from business as usual; a change, an experiment, if you will, to see what would happen if a powerful outsider, a non-politician, got involved.

From even before he took office, the powers-that-be began tearing him down, attacking him, accusing him, and so forth. And yes, he may have deserved it personally, but as a president, they never even gave him a chance. To me it was cruel and anti-American.

And the onslaught against him continues. Every major media outlet has demonized him, has neglected to mention his accomplishments, and does everything in their power to reinstate the status quo, once and still controlled by the shadow-governing elitist Globalist empire.

I have stated this many times: If you can divorce Trump the man from Trump the president, and do it fairly and evenly, you will see the he is the best choice right now. And by far. His competitor is a Trojan Horse, a blinded toady, an empty cigar-store Indian, who unwittingly carries the water bucket full of humungous lies for the aforementioned Globalists.

The End is coming soon. When that last TRUMPet sounds, may everyone be ready.

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