In Answer to An Old Friend…

I think your first paragraph is beautiful and agree with most all of it. Thank you for offering your opinions.

In your second paragraph, I do not think you possess the knowledge to characterize the known world in this way, however. Not even close. But neither do I.

I would argue that most of the western world is governed by self-serving politicians that in many ways are no different than most of the cretins found in our own time-worn BS two-party system. (Exhibit #1 is the bogus United Nations.) And watching someone overturn the tables of the peddlers and thieves in the temple is disheartening to them. For me, it was the main reason we elected president Trump in the first place.

I would argue that governments in many other countries have taken advantage of American goodwill, American taxpayers’ money, and American muscle to further their own interests while paying us little more than lip service. And this has gone on for decades. To see their cash cow dry up is bound to anger some of our sunshine friends and beggars. I say, take care of your own first, then help those who cannot or will not help themselves.

America has been no angel; don’t get me wrong. There has been much evil perpetrated by the US, the CIA, etc., in doing the bidding of a corrupt power structure here in the states. The Bushy regimes, the Clintonistas, and Obummer and those before are clearly as much or more at fault. Thus I do not think it nearly fair to lay that body at the doorstep of this president.

And the struggles our country endures, like the plandemic, racial issues, drug/opioid usage, immigration influxes, and criminal enterprises (including arson) the other civilized nations also endure. Your claims of incompetence and ineptness are mere opinions.

What is a fact is that America now has the most immoral media system ever seen in a free nation since the Creation. The censorship and one-sided bias has never been greater. This mealy-mouthed set of puppet “journalists,” at the behest of their Satanic taskmasters, have done their level best at tearing down this president, *even before he was sworn in!*. Remember the old strategy “divide and conquer?” Witness it being played here in America by Soros-led devils.

I would also argue that this man is the one chosen to lead America, like Cyrus of old, and like Cyrus freed his captives and not only allowed them to rebuild but gave them money and incentives to do so.

There is a revival happening in America, as the “silent majority” has seen enough garbage, and I do hope we can all come together for the betterment of all. Watch for the landslide.

And lastly, if our country is so very bad, why does everyone still want to come here? Why don’t the big-mouthed a-holes who want to tear things down leave? You know the answer — there is no place on Earth like the good ol’ USA.

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