Hypersensitivity Revealed

I wish to discuss a topic that has become sorrowfully part of the social fabric of the people I have been in contact with during the past, oh, twenty years or so.

Maybe you, too, have noticed how some people have become hypersensitive to virtually everything anyone else says or does that does not fit with their individual world view.

I see it in adults, I see it in young people, shoot I see it on Facebook, and of course in the twisted media. I’d bet you do, too. And it gets old very quickly.

This abject petulance decries either a profound insecurity within a person, an argumentative and inherent weakness within a person making them unable to assimilate another’s opinion and discuss it with them, or even worse, a smug, false sense of superiority that manifests in their mind that their feelings trump any sense of truth presented them by you.

They say, “My feelings were hurt” or “I’m annoyed that such and such” or “I can’t believe you said that,” et cetera, all intended to make you feel like you did something wrong when it is generally their eggshell sensibilities that have somehow been violated.

Suck it up, buttercup, the world is not necessarily full of people who cater to your sense of things.

I am not insensitive and my feelings get hurt all the time.Big deal. Grow a backbone and get over it. Even among those I love do I disagree on things. Big deal. Learn how to deal with such “setbacks.”

Don’t whine. Don’t be a wimp. Don’t be a wuss. Learn to stand your ground and talk things out. Learn how to agree to disagree agreeably and move on.


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