Bookstore Theft

Someone mentioned that a man was arrested for grand theft for stealing books from a college bookstore…

Reminded me of one day, a long time ago, in the CSUN bookstore when I completely lost it.

I was so incensed and overwhelmed by the outrageous book prices that I called the manager over and yelled at her at the top of my lungs about the exploitive, almost criminal greed foisted upon us poor students.

Some students cheered while others looked on aghast at this long-haired nutball, ostensibly high on dust…

Looking back, I am surprised she didn’t call security or the police or anyone…like this was a common, everyday experience for her…thinking about it now, it was a common, everyday occurrence to her…she was numb to it and to us…but things never changed, except to raise prices even higher…

How could books cost more than the tuition?

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