Book Recommendation

A friend came up to me and recommended a book. He said it covered over a thousand years of history, had a ton of great characters, both good and evil, and was jam-packed with practical wisdom. He said the main character doesn’t really show up until about 2/3 into it, but was foreshadowed throughout the book, and was truly an amazing character. Reminded me of John Galt.

He did caution me that there was a ton of violence in the book and that I probably wouldn’t understand everything that was in it. But I like puzzling mysteries.

So I checked it out. That was well over a dozen years ago. And though I have not read it cover to cover, I have come to know more about this book than nearly everyone I know. It is comprised of sixty-six smaller books, penned by over forty people, and takes place over about 1500 years. It is deeper than anything I have ever read and I know that I will never understand it all.

I recommended it to those I love but sadly none of them have taken it up. I would recommend it to you, my friends, as it has more to tell you than I ever could in a hundred of my meager lifetimes.

On the eve of the commercialized, pagan “birthday” of the main character, I merely ask you consider this book. It just may turn out to be non-fiction after all.

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