Jay Leno in Thousand Oaks

Took Rhonda to see Jay Leno in concert for her birthday last night.

The very likable veteran comic reeled off quite a few clever quips, ala his Tonight Show style, and only came up for air when his wireless microphone gave out (and it happened twice).

Don’t think he spared anyone or anything, adeptly lampooning everything and everyone from politics to the airlines, to his parents and related ethnicities, kids/young people, food, fat people, education, jobs, and much more.

Impressed that he kept his act completely (well nearly) clean, he was kind of a throwback to a time when everyone worked that way. Now 65, he was greeted by a crowd mainly older than that, who welcomed him and gave him politely generous applause.

Personally I don’t find his style as hilarious and funny as say, George Carlin or Robin Williams, but he did offer quite a few thoughtful moments embedded within his humor that often strike a surprising chord within you. What comes across is a genuinely down-to-Earth guy who just wants to entertain you and does so effortlessly and comfortably.

Surprisingly, opening his show was not another comic, but a pleasant young singer/pianist named Matt Beilis who sounded a lot like Don Henley and offered up a pleasant, if somewhat monotonous, five song set.

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