Three Dollars, A Towel and A Thumb

Takes three dollars, a towel and a thumb
To enjoy heaven’s pounding watery drum
To run warm silica through tar-tipped toes
Observing the tides’ diurnal ebb flows.

Cutoffs and cottons in any ride to the coast
Escaping the turmoil, the smog-ridden roast
It was all so simple, so amazingly pure
The sand, sea, and sun so reliably sure.

But here am I, twenty billion miles later
An older man’s needs are by far the greater
But for now this beach rewards me the best
For the stress suffered thru a year of duress.

There’s bills and bloodsuckers, mortgage and rent
Payments to Satan’s unholy government
Insurance, regulations, toxins and tests
Greed and deception at his evil behest.

Yet on this sand I smile and let it all go
Blown on the breeze, exhaled chaff cargo
Life one time was simpler, to the beach you must come
Takes but three dollars, a towel and a thumb.

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