Calamine Decision

There’s a compounded bitch that needs to be scratched
A collegial ulcer that needs to be patched
A fictitious proposal which will never be matched
My calamine decision will makes things all clear.

There’s ignorance aplenty and addiction to phones
Apathy abounding yet scholarship’s alone
Wasting the present while the future’s on loan
My calamine decision makes it all disappear.

Experience acknowledged but not given heed
Suggested improvements for obvious needs
Phony positions of leadership’s deeds
Calamine erases all the laughable tears.

You can dress up the pig in a tux and a tie
All talk a good game but hide all the lies
Protect all the losers as morality dies
I’ll no longer do that as calamine’s here.

There’s a community adrift in self-serving pain
Doesn’t have the wisdom to reverse the drain
That counters the best that offers their brains
Wipe on the calamine and down a cold beer.

Ride on, dipshits!

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