Why Don’t We Do Any of This Stuff?

Here’s a few things I do not know why we do not do:

1) Destroy Al-Jezeira…I do not mean to kill the people, just obliterate the network so they are out of touch.
1a) Nationally refuse to show their propaganda.
2) Completely fry the electronic grid of nations who house our enemies…we have this capability, ya know.
3) Dip all of our munitions (bullets, bombs, all of it) in pig’s blood and let the enemy know we have done so.
4) In the name of national security, monitor every mosque in the United States…watch everyone who comes and goes (I think we do this already actually.)
5) Raise up a network of hometown armed militia willing to protect our homeland from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
6) Cancel every last dime of foreign aid to any nation supporting our enemies in any fashion. Immediately.

Furthermore, there are people who are smarter and certainly more powerful than I am that have thought of all of these things and more. Thus one must reason we are not doing them because someone said no. The logical conclusions you then come to are scarier than the facts themselves.

May the Father shine His wisdom down upon us because we do not seem to have much here…not in 2014 that is…

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