One Would Think

One would think we’d all get along
Know right from wrong, sing a happy song
One would think we’d help each other
Respect your brother, help one another
One would think we’d grow as a team
With a smile and a gleam right on the beam
One would think.

One would think we’d create great things
Fly upon wings, nourish who sings
One would think we could all live in peace
Glide upon seas, that fighting would cease.
One would think we’d stop telling lies
Find natural highs, get spirits to rise.
One would think.

One would think true love would last
Great roles are cast, achievements are vast.
One would think tolerance is sane
Prejudice inane, ignorance a bane.
One would think to help out the poor
Find avarice the door, love to the core.
One would think.

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